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27 unique sales text message examples for every part of the sales cycle

Fatima Puri
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Salespeople understand the art of conversation, and one crucial element in communicating with potential customers is to know what channel is best to contact them on. Over the decade, business texting has become a popular sales tool for connecting with potential and current customers.

To help you understand how to best use business texting in your sales workflow, we’ve compiled a list of B2C and B2B sales text message examples. 

We broke the list down into three categories:

  • Sales discovery
  • Sales purchase
  • Post-sales account management

We’ve also included a list of best practices for sales teams looking to create their own text templates at the bottom of the article. 

Part one: Sales discovery text message examples

The best way to engage new prospects is to reach out to them immediately. Studies show that companies who attempt to reach out to a new lead within an hour are seven times more likely to have a sincere conversation with decision-makers than those who wait even 60 minutes. 

Texting has an average response time of 90 seconds and a response rate of 45 percent, which is why it’s a reliable tool to engage new sales prospects. Salespeople can also handle more text conversations than calls, which can also help them respond faster to all of their leads. 

Chat bubble icon with 90 seconds
Texting has an average response time of 90 seconds.

Here are 10 sales discovery text message examples for you to use.

1. Follow-up with a new lead after they fill out an online lead form

Hi, Paul. My name is Randall Garrison from Hill Country Landscaping. I’m following up on an online form you filled out for a landscaping quote. I have a few different price options available based on your requirements. Are you free for a quick call?

2. Qualify leads

Good morning, Jordan. You placed an inquiry for a mobile storage unit. Is it for personal or commercial use?

3. Ask for more information

Thank you for inquiring about security services with Gateway Security. Could you provide more information about your event and how many security guards you will need?

4. Give a price quote

Hi, how much do you charge for a cake to feed up to four people?

Hi, there! We offer 6-inch cakes for $33. They serve six people. 

5. Confirm the first call

Hi, Casey. It’s Jake from IntelSolutions. Are we still good for our call today at 2 p.m.?

6. Follow-up after an initial text message

Example of following-up after an initial sales text message
A company sends a follow-up text after receiving no response from a lead.

7. Follow-up after a voicemail

Hi, Humza. I just left you a voicemail in response to your Lexus repair. We are backed up until October due to the hailstorm damage. I can reserve 10/18 for you if you want to put down a deposit.

8. Send more information via a link

Hey, Rebecca. You can find our pricing plan on our website at 

9. Follow-up after a phone call

It was great speaking with you today, Lisa! Feel free to text me here with any questions. - Tyler 

10. Follow-up after an email 

Hi, Avery. I just sent you an email detailing everything we covered in our meeting. You’re welcome to text me here for a more prompt response. Thanks, Jane.  

Part two: Sales evaluation text message examples

A sales prospect closer to making a purchase would fall under this section of the sales funnel. Research has shown that sales prospects convert at a 40 percent higher rate when communicating with sales teams via text. Texting is personal by nature, so salespeople can build relationships with their prospects by staying in touch with them on SMS. 

Below are nine text message examples to give you an idea of using texting in the evaluation process. 

11. Check-in with a lead about a free trial

Hey, Abdul! I wanted to check in and see how your free trial with ScheduleIt is going? 

12. Schedule a meeting

Hope you had a great weekend, Jeff. I’d love to schedule a Zoom to walk through our proposal plan for your company. Do you have any availability this week? 

13. Let an existing lead know they can text you

Hi, Carrie, It’s Steven from WorkSnax. I hope you’re enjoying your free month of office snacks. Do your employees have a fav yet? Mine is the chili cheese bites. 👀 I wanted to let you know that you can text me now if you need anything.

14. Follow-up with a lead about onboarding

Hi, Tania. I wanted to check in with you and see if you were able to upload your contact list into our system? Let me know if you need help with anything. 

15. Follow-up with a lead about a request

Hey, Dawson. I spoke with my manager, and he said we could allow outside caterers for your client. Would you like to move forward with booking our venue? 

16. Re-engage an old lead

Example of engaging an old lead via text
A company sends a lead relevant content to re-engage them.

17. See if a lead is ready to buy

Hi, Tina. I double-checked, and your eye doctor is within our network. Would you like to purchase a plan with us?

18. Send a payment reminder

Your credit card payment for Rex Sporting Goods is due 7/29. You can pay your bill online at 

19. Send a contract reminder

Hey, Chen. We’re excited to have Pier Works as our new client. I emailed you a DocuSign of our contract, but you can reach out to me here for any questions or concerns.

Part three: Post-sales account management text message examples

In the world of sales, the process of selling is never really over. Once a customer makes their initial purchase, your sales team wants to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. By establishing a fluid relationship with your customers, you can better retain and upsell them. Texting is an effective way to do so because it lets you stay in touch with your customers and strike when the time is right. 

Here are eight examples of how you can use business texting to keep your current customers engaged. 

20. Keep in touch with current customers

Hi, Sandy. I saw on LinkedIn that you were promoted to Senior Partner Relations Manager. Congratulations! It’s well-deserved. 

21. Thank customers for their business

Hi, Danyal. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to use our services for your business. We appreciate having you as a customer. Let me know if there is anything more we can do for you.

22. Introduce a customer to a new account manager

Hey, Lexi! We spoke earlier this week about my leave from Terrytown Industries, but I wanted to give you a heads up that my colleague Raymond will be reaching out to you sometime today to introduce himself. He will be your new account manager. Rest assured, you’re in good hands!

23. Check-in for repeat purchases

Bart, how is the new shipment of produce looking? I hope everything is up to par. - Jack

24. Answer an account question

Example of answering an account question via text
A sales representative clarifies a billing question.

25. Upsell customer who is using their product more

Hey, Jandee. I see your team has been going through snacks more frequently. Would you like to increase your shipment days? 

26. Send a reminder text about renewals

Your annual renewal for Remi Eye Insurance is approaching on 08/25. To cancel your renewal, check your account settings. 

27. Let customers know about a change in their plan or billing

Hi, Terrance. We are updating the price for our Standard plan. We sent an email about the change, but I wanted to reach out to you via text for any questions or concerns. 

Best practices for writing sales text templates

If you prefer to write your own sales texts, then keep these best practices in mind:

  • Be personal. As we mentioned, texting is personal by nature, so it’s important to address someone by their first name instead of being generic.
  • Only text opted-in contacts. Not only is it illegal to buy a list of contacts, but it’s also in poor taste. Texting opted-in contacts provide your sales team a warm touch to reach out.
  • Timing is key. While texting is instantaneous and we encourage texting back-and-forth with prospects, you want to control how many messages you send and when you send them.

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