Textline for Pipedrive

View conversations associated with deals in your sales pipeline.

Use Textline with Pipedrive’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool to view text conversations associated with deals in your sales pipeline. Our Pipedrive integration allows your team to gain a better understanding of your sales cycle, so you never miss another opportunity to close the deal.
Textline interface featuring the customer information sidebar.
Sync Pipedrive contacts with the Textline Address Book.

Get the full picture, and gain more insight

View your deal-related text conversations within the Pipedrive interface, so that you’ll always know when a deal is on track to close. 

  • All conversations you have in Textline are tracked in your Pipedrive activities feed.
  • Your Pipedrive contacts will automatically sync to your Textline Address Book after integration.
“They could be doing this on their own cell phone, but it's just a lot easier in Textline. Especially since the whole conversation's now in pipedrive. So as the company, we can see everything that's been texted back and forth.”

-Steve Weissman, CEO of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

How to install

  1. Log in as an administrator on both your Textline and Pipedrive accounts. 
  2. From Textline, click the Gear icon > Organization Settings > Tools & Integrations. 
  3. Click Pipedrive. 
  4. Click Connect, and enter your Pipedrive login information when prompted.
  5. Once connected, Textline will automatically sync your Pipedrive contacts with your Textline Address Book. Then, any subsequent Conversations you have in Textline will be tracked in your Pipedrive Activities feed, associated with both the Contact and the related Deal.
  6. As we can't send texts directly through Pipedrive at the moment, all Conversations will need to be initiated and responded to through your Textline Dashboard.

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