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We make it easy to talk with customers like they’re old friends.

Great customer experiences start with effective communication. More than a thousand companies of all sizes use Textline to connect directly with customers using a communication channel that is convenient and personal. Whether you want to text for customer service, sales, logistics, operations, or more, our platform will make your job easier and save your team valuable time. No more email, no more phone calls, no more apps.

A long time ago ...

The founding of Textline was inspired by a simple question: Now that so many of our daily personal conversations take place over text messaging, why can't we text businesses? After all, we almost always prefer the convenience of texting over a traditional phone call. But most companies' phone numbers are not textable. We created Textline to change that!

Textline began in 2015 as a project inside The Giant Pixel Corporation, a startup studio in San Francisco, California. (Fun fact: Textline's original code name was OtterChat.) Early beta users such as ticketing app Gametime inspired us to spin off Textline as an independent startup company in early 2016. We've been working ever since to fulfill our mission to make it easier for customers to communicate with businesses—so easy, in fact, that it's as easy as texting a friend.

Meet our founders

Alan Braverman
Chief Executive Officer
Alan is an entrepreneur and computer programmer who was involved in building several internet software companies, including Xoom for international money transfer, Yammer for enterprise social networking, Geni for collaborative genealogy, and Eventbrite for event registration. He also co-founded Giant Pixel, the original home of Textline. Earlier in his career, Alan programmed web software at Silicon Graphics, eGroups, and Yahoo. He earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he also worked on Mosaic, one of the first web browsers.
Mark Lillien
Chief Technology Officer
Mark is a full-stack engineer and former Director of Engineering. Prior to Textline, he coded web and mobile products at Twitter, Radius Intelligence, and Giant Pixel. He earned a BS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and contributed to the open source Mozilla Firefox web browser while working at University of California, Irvine.

The team

AJ Chan
Chief Operating Officer
Jordan Gadapee
Chief Creative Officer
Alena Leanovich
Account Executive
Anthony Affrunti
Sales Development Representative
Chen Dai
Sales Development Representative
Chris Keck
Sales Development Representative
Connie Kim
Software Engineer
Jake Cervera
Account Executive
Jeff Kang
Head of Sales
Kepler Edwards
Sales Development Representative
Kimia Haghighi
Data Scientist
Laura Moussa
Customer Success Manager
Marcella Bartolini
Business Operations Manager
Marshall Jaquish
Lead Security Engineer
Mary Kim
Customer Support Lead
Matt Jondrow
Senior Engineer
Nancy Gallegos
Customer Success Manager
Natalie Bouey-Constantine
Sales Operations
Randall Berg
Product Manager
Roy Moulder
Account Executive
Shawn Ryan
Creative Director

We're hiring!

We’re always looking for passionate and skilled people to join our growing team. If you’re looking for a new position, please visit our careers page.

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