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Textline is the most secure business text messaging platform for modern customer support and sales teams.

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Hang up the phone, 52% of your customers want to text you. Learn more on our webinar with Freshdesk on 6/24.
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Make business more personal

Business texting is a fast, friendly, and convenient two-way communication channel that makes people feel valued. Build stronger relationships with customers and create better customer experiences.

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Be there for your customers

Customers want to text you. So stop putting them on hold, and let them safely text you whenever they want, from wherever they are.

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Conversations at scale

We make direct, two-way communication possible. Talk to a large number of people without losing any trust or personal connection.

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Designed for teams

Customer support is a group effort. Our platform was built with collaboration and security in mind, so your team can do its best work.

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How Textline works

Textline keeps all of your conversations and customer information safely in one place, so you can monitor your team’s work, create a better process, and measure progress.

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Set up with your existing phone number (or we can provide you one) and arrange your workspace.

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Start two-way authentic conversations with customers without spamming them.

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Work efficiently using tools and features designed for teamwork.

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Streamline your process with automation tools and actionable data.

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Your Workflow

Integrate with ease

We integrate seamlessly with the world’s best software, so that you don’t have to wait to start texting.

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Solutions unique as your business

Textline is designed to fit your needs, no matter the size of your business or who you need to talk to.

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Customer support

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Be responsive

Strengthen your relationship with customers by making it easier for them to get in touch with you, and respond faster when they need support.

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Add a personal touch

Earn customers’ trust and loyalty with interactive conversations—no more one-way communication.

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Bring in more leads

Reach out instantly to potential customers, and watch your pipeline fill up faster.

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Close more deals

Speed up your process with quick and convenient communication throughout the sales cycle.

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Announcing HIPAA compliant texting

Healthcare providers and their business partners can now text people in a fully secure environment.

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