Textline for Freshdesk

Use Textline to send and respond to text messages directly from your help desk.

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Make customer support easier by syncing up your ticketing system with our business texting software. Respond instantly to customer support issues, and quickly view conversation records with the Freshdesk text integration.
Textline widget in action in Freshdesk.
Textline widget in action in Freshdesk.

Stop switching gears

You no longer have to toggle between different platforms when you need to text customers. Our integration creates customer tickets in Freshdesk to match your Textline conversations, and all text conversations are automatically logged on tickets. You can also use Textline natively within Freshdesk using the top bar widget or ticket sidebar widget.

“We got texting, we got live chat, web forms, Facebook, all of these channels that customers communicate with small businesses, and it becomes really overwhelming for a small business. We can offer all this to the customer, but how are we going to make sure that we're making sense of all of this information and being responsive, and getting the questions and concerns to the appropriate team members? Feeding it into a ticketing system like Freshdesk really amps it up and it makes sense of everything and makes it all seem so much more manageable from a small business standpoint.”

— Adam Butcher, owner of Fred’s Appliance

How to install

  1. Sign in or sign up for a Textline account. (You must have administrator permissions in both Textline and Freshdesk to set up the integration).
  2. In Textline, visit Settings > Tools & Integrations and click the Freshdesk logo.
  3. Enter your Freshdesk subdomain and admin API key, and click Connect to allow Textline to access your Freshdesk account.
  4. In Freshdesk, login as admin and navigate to Admin > Apps (under Helpdesk Productivity).
  5. Click “Get More Apps”, and search and select Textline.
  6. Install the app.
  7. On the left navigation bar in Freshdesk, click on the Textline logo to sign into your Textline account.
  8. You should now be able to view the Textline app through the full page app and a sidebar app that corresponds to the visible Freshdesk ticket.

Use all of Textline’s features with Freshdesk

  • Shortcuts — Store templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer text conversations between team members.
  • Notifications — Receive desktop, email, and mobile alerts.
  • Auto Responses — Use automated greetings and away messages.
  • Whispers — Leave private notes for internal team discussions.
  • Metrics — Understand customer interactions and monitor team performance.
  • MMS — Send and receive photos, videos, and attachments.
  • Address Book — Freshdesk contacts are synced in Textline when a conversation is initiated.

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