Create organized, grouped SMS contact lists with Tags

Categorize your contact list with Tags, which are internal labels. Tagging helps you stay organized, group contacts, and send targeted messages with ease.

What you can do with Tags

Segment your contacts lists

Tags group contacts internally. You can add multiple Tags to each contact and categorize by customer type, job title, and more.

Send mass texts to a group

After adding Tags, you can send mass text messages to everyone by Tag. This makes it easy to send targeted and relevant messages to the right audience.

Search Address Book by Tag

You can search your Address Book by Tag to help you see each contact with that particular label.

Search conversation list by Tag

You can search your Textline conversation list by Tag. This allows businesses to see messages to and from customers in a particular group. Your conversation list is similar to the texting app on your smartphone.

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Benefits of Tags

Save time and effort

With the option to send bulk texts to customers by Tag, you’ll save time and effort. That’s because you won’t need to type the same message repeatedly.

Enhance personalization

Tags allow you to send relevant messages and promotions to contacts. This will improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Improve organization

You can add, edit, or delete Tags at any time. This means you’ll see improved Address Book categorization.

Examples of Tags used by Textline customers

Tags are customizable. This means you can label contacts in whatever way makes sense for your business. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are 10 common Tags to consider.

Product interest — Motorcycle, Toyota Camry, iPhone, texting software, etc.

Job title — CEO, CFO, manager, IT director, etc.

Sign up date — January 2022, February 2023, etc.

Industry or vertical — Ecommerce, retail, hospitality, professional services, etc.

Service interest — Teeth cleaning, lawn mowing, consulting, banking, etc.

Location — State, city, community, etc.

Engagement level — Very engaged, not engaged, etc.

Sales stage — Initial conversation, demo, free trial, onboarding, purchased, etc.

Lead source — Webinar, live event, social media, etc.

Relationship with your company — Customer, lead, prospect, VIP customer, employee, etc.

How to Tag contacts

New announcement screenshot.

To upload a list of contacts with Tags, add a “Tags” and “Tags Handling” column to the spreadsheet. The Tags column is where you insert the Tag, while the Tags Handling column tells Textline if you want to add, remove, or replace a Tag. You can add multiple tags, but a single Tag can’t have a space. For example, you’d need to write “new_customer” vs. “new customer.”

Send announcements based on tags, phone numbers, or use a CSV upload. You can also use the saved searches feature, which allows you to segment out your address book, save that search, and send out a text announcement.

Configure how much time a contact has to respond to your announcement and choose who is assigned to the Conversation when a contact replies.

Choose to send the announcement right away or schedule it for a later date.

Full documentation in Finsweet's Attributes docs.
Import a CSV
Use the conversation list sidebar
Tag individually from the Address Book
Mass update from the Address Book

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