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Textline’s SMS survey software helps you identify customer needs quickly and deliver solutions with confidence.

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Deliver text surveys how and when you need to

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Sending your survey

Choose to send your survey manually on the build screen or automatically with our Automations tool. You can also access and send surveys from the convenience of the conversation dashboard whenever you need them.

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Tool and integrations

Connect our SMS survey software with the tools you already use and trigger xsurveys to send via Zapier or Textline’s API.

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Ask for more detailed feedback with follow-up questions

Curious to learn more about your customer scores? Add a quick follow-up text to zero in on what’s driving customer likes and dislikes.

Survey validation

Whether you build a survey from scratch or use our pre-built options, validation ensures your customers answer the way you want them to and makes it easy to quantify responses.

Powerful metrics and insights

Our SMS survey software includes a built-in metrics tool that provides helpful stats and feedback data for analyzing customer responses. Filter results, adjust the date range, or view department-specific CSAT stats – custom built to work best for your team.

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If you’re curious about HIPAA compliant business texting and how your team can communicate securely with patients, our sales representatives are always ready to answer questions and provide you with a demo.

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