Save time and effort with Shortcuts

Don’t waste time typing the same message repeatedly. Create and save pre-written text templates, which we call Shortcuts on Textline. You’ll be able to cut response time and make communication easier.

The benefits of Shortcuts

Save time

Reduce the need to manually type the same answer or recurring message. Instead, streamline your communication with pre-written SMS templates you can rely on over and over.

Stay consistent

Ensure your text messages use your company voice and customer service responses are aligned. Plus, you can ensure your messages are succinct so you don’t have to worry about the character limit.

Facilitate communication

Make it easier for your team to respond to customers no matter what. Create a collection of templates to use when needed. There’s no limit to the number of Shortcuts you can create on Textline.

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How businesses use pre-stored SMS templates

Many Textline customers have a catalog of ready-to-use Shortcuts to reduce manual tasks and improve the customer communication experience. There are so many use cases, but we break down a few common ways customers use Shortcuts.

Answer common customer questions

Hi [customer name]. Happy to answer this! Our business hours are 7am-3pm on Saturdays.

Send calendar links to streamline bookings

Hi [name]. Thanks for your interest in our CRM. Book a 1:1 demo with me using this link [calendar link]. I look forward to connecting!

Share a link for more information

Here’s a website page that describes parking availability for the event: [link].

Confirm a reservation

Hi [name]. Your reservation is booked! We’re excited to see you at Callie Restaurant on [date] at [time].

Demo Video

Hi [customer name]. Here’s a 2-minute intro video to our product: [link].

Sales handoff

Thanks for your interest in [company name]. I'm happy to help set up a call with someone from our sales team. Is this the best number for them to reach you on?

Request customer reviews

Hi [customer name]. Would you be willing to leave a review here: [link]? Your feedback helps us improve and grow!

Appointment reminders

Hi [patient name]. This is a reminder that your appointment with Dr. Stella is tomorrow at [time].

Free trial sign-up

That’s great news. Here’s where you can sign up for a free trial: [link].

No-show meeting reply

Hey [customer]. I just tried calling and got your voicemail. Is now still a good time to connect or would you like to reschedule?

Ask for more information from a customer

Hi there! I’m happy to help with this request. Can I first ask you for your name and organization?

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Roll by Goodyear uses Shortcuts to help verify customer information quickly. It allows the team to quickly reply to customers and handle several conversations at once.

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Dntl Bar uses the Shortcuts feature to standardize messages across their locations. The pre-saved templates keep texts uniform, consistent and professional every time.

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How to create a Shortcut on Textline

It’s easy to create stored templates on Textline for later use. See below for the five-step process.

  1. Head to Messaging Tools > Shortcuts on the Textline dashboard
  2. Set access permissions for the Shortcut (everyone, one department, or private)
  3. Click create new Shortcut button in the upper right corner
  4. Compose your message
  5. Save the template
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