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Imagine sitting in a waiting room about to enjoy aromatherapy hand towels, a massage chair, noise-canceling headphones, and a silk eye mask. This might sound like a spa experience, but at dntl bar, a New York City-based dentistry chain, it’s simply the customer experience for cleanings and other dental treatments. Dntl bar strives to create a dental experience patients actually want to have. “We make sure we have the highest quality. We're not reinventing the wheel there, but we are reinventing the wheel when it comes to how consumers experience dentistry,” said Ariana Silvestro, head of strategy and marketing.
of patients use texting

Why texting? 

For a business like dntl bar, where about 80 percent of patients use texting, the platform they use is paramount, with ease of use and electronic medical record (EMR) syncing as high priorities. “Textline allows us to connect with our EMR,” Silvestro said, something the platform dntl bar was previously using didn’t allow for. 

That connection using Textilne’s API saves them time with every SMS interaction they have with a patient. They use it for each interaction, whether that be for an appointment confirmation or reschedule or for follow-up care. 

“The biggest difference for us was probably easy use on our end, because the old system that we had wasn't as easy to use and it's [Textline’s that] really reduced time for responses,” she said. The interface of Textline felt similar to another tool they use at dntl bar: Slack. Making it easy for the teams at dntl bar to acclimate to, with basically no learning curve, Silvestro explained.

dntl bar team members
dntl bar staff


Textline has done more than help dntl bar save time by syncing with the electronic medical records of their patients. The business also utilized the Shortcuts feature to standardize processes and messages across all of their locations. 

Textline's Shortcuts feature
Textline's Shortcuts feature

“I think that also has been a huge game-changer. Yes [for] time, but also just making sure that everything is uniformed and consistent and professional every single time,” Silvestro said. The marketing team at dntl bar created Shortcuts for operators at all dntl bar locations to use for certain interactions with patients. 

While they don’t use the Automations feature yet, it’s one they’re excited to implement. “We purposely went with a vendor that can do automation because it was on our roadmap. So we're really excited about that,” said Silvestro. 

The process of collecting opt-ins hasn’t deterred customers at dntl bar either. Dntl bar offers medical care, so they do need to be HIPAA compliant, but the opt-ins required haven’t been an issue. “All of our patients opt into texts because it's during the registration process,” Silvestro said. She added that while there might be a few stranglers, the overwhelming majority of patients opt-in, so it’s not even on dntl bar’s radar in terms of concerns. 

Example conversation
Example conversation


The speed, ease, and convenience of texting has made it a key component of dntl bar’s patient experience. “It's our number one method of communication [with patients],” Silvestro said. Customers prefer to text because it’s easy and has less friction than phone calls do. 

“Once you realize it's [texting’s] so easy and you start enjoying it, you expect that level of customer service. So that's what we're really trying to do. I think that's what Textline is trying to do as well and why we're great partners. We're really raising the bar in this space when it comes to customer service and customer experience.”
—Ariana Silvestro, Head of Strategy and Marketing

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