Auto-assign conversations with Routes

Routes make assigning inbound conversations a breeze. Let Textline automatically choose the right teammate to handle conversations.

What is message routing?

Message routing is a feature that automatically distributes incoming messages to a specific agent in Textline. It helps businesses control the flow of their inbound conversations.

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Benefits of Routes

Reduce response wait times

Control inbound conversation flow

Cut down on manual assignments

Increase overall team productivity

Create a fair distribution process

Balance workloads

Maintain continuity

Improve customer satisfaction

Other Route settings to help manage workflow

Define your agent pool

Create a more limited agent pool for your Route with filters like:


Assign agents to teams to handle particular conversations. Some examples of teams include technical support, Spanish-speaking, billing, marketing, or sales.

Available agent

Only route conversations to team members if they’re online. This helps when teammates are out of the office or on break.

Conversation limit

This filter makes the Route select only from a pool of agents under a set conversation limit. This helps manage workload.

Create a fallback

There may come a time when a defined route can’t select an agent. Tell Textline what to do in these scenarios so messages get answered. For example, if all agents in the billing team are offline, route the message to a manager in customer service.

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