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Use enterprise texting to boost your customer communication, increase revenue, and streamline internal operations. Implement Textline’s text messaging solution for your growing enterprise and see exceptional results.
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Our enterprise SMS messaging features

With access controls to time-saving automations, Textline is designed to become a crucial part of your communications workflow. Here are some key features to know:

Role-based access

Many enterprise organizations need access controls to ensure data integrity. That’s where role-based access comes into play. Simply assign team members different roles and different departments to manage access and the tasks they can complete.

It's easy to set up roles, responsibilities, and departments in Textline. The access controls help ensure the right teammates are responding to customers and have the right permissions.


A staple of Textline's texting solutions, Automations allow your team to streamline customer communications. With Automations, you can schedule texts ahead of time, create templates, or trigger messages to send based on keywords. Many revenue-creating SMS messages can be completely automated, freeing up your team’s time.

With our automated texting service, you can create workflows to engage leads and foster loyalty at critical touch points. For example, you could set up a text message to send after a lead fills out a form on your website, schedule personalized happy birthday offers, or send automated text reminders. 

Additionally, you can prepare prewritten message templates to use in the future to save time, schedule auto-replies when it’s outside of business hours, and more. Create perfectly-timed SMS messages with Automations.

Top-level security and compliance

Trust Textline's top-level security features and compliance certifications. By using a platform like Textline, you can ensure your enterprise SMS messaging communications comply with federal and state regulations. SMS communications must follow compliance guidelines to be sent from our dashboard. Textline also has a built-in workflow that helps businesses confirm SMS opt-in choices and store this consent.  

Textline also has many security features to keep your data and messages safe. Some features include end-to-end encryption, access controls, multi-factor authentication, whitelisted IPs, and more. We also provide secure data storage. 

Data and KPIs

Textline offers a comprehensive suite of analytics to help enterprises track their SMS campaigns. Get access to real-time data that can be used to understand and improve customer interactions. With Textline, businesses will have access to metrics like time to respond, number of new contacts, number of inbound conversations, and more. 

Mass texting

Don't waste time sending the same message over and over. Instead send that message in bulk to leads or contacts. Target groups of people by using Textline's mass texting functionality.

Reach whole segments of your audience with bulk SMS messages designed to be read by many people. Send announcements, distribute mass surveys, or send out a promotional offer to many people at once. It's all possible with Textline's mass enterprise SMS messaging.

Two-way texting

There are times when you’ll want to engage in a one-on-one conversation with your contacts. Textline offers this functionality. Enterprise Two-way SMS allows you to have personal conversations with any contact.

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SMS compliance is a breeze with Textline

Similar to other communication channels, text messaging is regulated to protect consumers. While following these laws may seem daunting, Textline makes it easy for enterprise businesses to stay SMS compliant. We ensure business phone numbers get registered with the right parties for texting and help enterprises follow rules like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Here are a few ways Textline helps businesses be compliant with SMS regulations:

  • A patented opt-in feature to collect and store SMS consent
  • A built-in opt-out procedure that automatically unsubscribes contacts 
  • End-to-end encryption on the platform to protect enterprise data
  • HIPAA-compliant texting to protect health data
  • Easy phone number registration through the Textline platform

All-encompasing compliance hub and easy to follow guides

Textline is the perfect tool to help large enterprises improve customer communication and maximize returns. With SMS, enterprise businesses will see improved efficiencies, heightened convenience, and better visibility into customer outreach. 

Textline lets users engage customers in personal conversations or reach more customers with promotional messages. Both drive results because these messages elevate engagement levels. Read on to learn some key benefits of an enterprise text messaging solution.

<span class="text-center">Benefits of enterprise SMS messaging</span>

Heightened customer communication

With Textline, your customer service teams can respond quickly to customer inquiries, serve more people, and add a personal touch to conversations. Users can easily manage customer communications and track important metrics like time to respond. 

Each conversation is conveniently tracked in a centralized Textline dashboard. That way it’s easy to look at recent texts from customers or the latest responses from customer service team members. You’re also able to read through past text interactions with customers so you can engage in more personalized conversations and foster customer loyalty. 

Higher revenue

Textline is the perfect SMS solution to help large enterprises maximize revenue. Texting has been shown to improve marketing ROI, reduce no-shows, and boost customer experience. All of which positively affect the bottom line.

SMS is a more effective communication method than emails or cold calls. Emails often fall into the spam folder or get deleted. On the other hand, SMS messages get directly pushed to a customer’s mobile phone home screen. With open rates of over 90 percent, you can ensure your message reaches your customers. Our enterprise text messaging solution gets your message right to customers, wherever they are and at a lower cost-per-click. All of that goes a long way in increasing your bottom line and getting the right people engaged with your message.

Easy to integrate

Our enterprise SMS messaging solution allows large enterprises to integrate with existing software in your workflow, including Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, and more

Integrating Textline across your workflow is easy, with no complicated setup or extra manpower required. With no complicated installation process, your team can set up Textline in a few clicks. Your team will quickly get the tools they need to communicate with customers in real-time.

Easy to scale

With Textline, large enterprise businesses like yours can easily scale their SMS outreach as their business grows. Our enterprise text messaging software allows you to add new departments, phone numbers, and users seamlessly. Plus, you can always link and manage other messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and Instagram Business from your Textline dashboard. 

Overall, Textline is built for enterprise businesses. It can handle large contact lists and send mass messages with ease. No matter the size of your business, our scalable platform helps you deliver SMS messages to targeted contact lists, manage a large volume of inbound customer conversations, and set up multiple departments.

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Why enterprise businesses should text


of consumers want to two-way text with businesses. — SimpleTexting


of businesses say SMS marketing is key in their future marketing strategy. — Forrester


support costs can be cut by adding messaging channels like SMS. — Freshworks

Simple phone number registration for enterprise businesses

Mobile carriers require businesses to register to use SMS regardless of the use case. However, there’s no need to fret about this process. With Textline, phone number registration is seamless.

Textline helps enterprise businesses get phone number registration right in just a few easy steps. Specifically, enterprise businesses only need to fill out our in-app form to register. Textline handles the rest. Textline will submit your registration information for vetting and waive the registration fee.

Plus, the best part? You can test Textline for free while waiting for phone number approval. Use the time to add your team, set up automations, and save text templates.

Enterprise SMS FAQs

How secure is Textline's text messaging?

Textline prioritizes compliance and security above all. We are  compliant with regulations across the world, including GDPR, The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, The California Consumer Privacy Act, and more. 

Alongside our compliance obligations, we also have many security features. Textline encrypts our data to the highest standards. All application traffic is proxied through Cloudflare using a strict SSL/TLS encrypted connection and AES 256 encryption is applied to all data at rest.

For a full list of our security and compliance features, check out our security page.

What kind of data does Textline track?

Textline collects relevant and specific data to help your enterprise make informed decisions. We track data like time to respond, number of new contacts, number of active agents, and more. See the full list of metrics here

Does Textline offer custom enterprise messaging solutions?

Absolutely. We're proud to offer enterprise text messaging solutions for every large organization. To inquire about specific customizations, contact the Textline team directly.

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Why enterprise organizations can trust Textline

We started using it just for our recruiting team and now several departments in the company started using it for their customers as well. We like everything about Textline and don't have any issues with it.

— Michele R., Capterra

Great service and amazing product which all of the users love! I love the ease of Textline. The app is very user friendly too. It has helped us open up the communication with our residents.

— Adina T., Capterra

Our overall experience has been absolutely sublime! The platform has been immensely important to our daily work flow. My absolute FAVORITE feature of this software is how personal messaging can be from business to client. This has only enhanced our customer relation experience!

— Jordan B., Capterra
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