One inbox for all conversations

Centralize communication and improve efficiency with Textline’s Unified Inbox. Easily manage conversations from multiple communication channels, departments, and numbers in one place.
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A multichannel, multi-user view

Offer multichannel messaging with ease

Sync your Facebook Business or Instagram Business Account with Textline to offer omnichannel messaging. You’ll be able to respond to direct messages, story mentions, and more from those accounts in the Textline inbox. Plus, there’s no need to log into each account separately.

Manage SMS for multiple phone numbers in one place

Do you have a business with multiple locations, multiple internal departments, or employees who need their own phone numbers? With Textline’s Unified Inbox, you can view and respond to SMS conversations tied to all your texting numbers in one inbox. If you’re responding from the Unified Inbox, the reply is sent from the phone number where the conversation is occurring.

Managerial controls for business needs

The Textline Unified Inbox view is customizable with access permissions. Agents will only see messages from the departments and channels that Admins allow them to see. If you don’t have access to one of your organization's departments, those conversations won’t be visible.

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Unified Inbox benefits

Increase visibility and oversight

The Unified Inbox gives you visibility into your company’s communication. It allows you to see conversation histories for all departments and phone numbers at once.

Save time and realize efficiencies

With Unified Inbox, you don’t need to switch departments to monitor all conversation channels. Instead, you’ll have one inbox to manage. This will save your team time and improve productivity.

Improve communication

Reduce the risk of missed messages and increase your response time with Textline’s Unified Inbox. The universal inbox view consolidates messages into one location. You’ll see every inbound message across your channels, departments, or phone numbers. This is especially helpful for teams that may need to manage multiple channels or phone numbers at once.

How a Textline customer uses Unified Inbox

What if Syndicate, a restaurant group with multiple locations, uses texting for guest support and reservation booking. The Unified Inbox view allows the group to manage all SMS conversations for its restaurants in one place.

Rather than toggling between the different locations and phone numbers, the Unified Inbox allows the restaurant group’s reservationists to check one place to respond to all guest text messages.

Unified Inbox benefits for What if Syndicate:

  • Ability to manage multiple phone lines at once
  • Prompt responses to guests
  • No missed text messages
  • Improved guest communication
"Unified Inbox has been able to amp up our customer service and guest experience."

Polly Ho, What if Syndicate

Connect other messaging channels and tools to Textline

It’s easy to connect and manage multiple messaging channels with Textline. See the channels you can operate with Textline’s Unified Inbox.

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