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Unlock the power of Textline’s Automations

Put your business communications on autopilot with Automations. Use Automations to streamline your workflow so you can focus on the needle-moving matters.

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We integrate with some of the leading customer experience software out there. Textline integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, Zapier, Zendesk, Talkdesk, and more.


Use our open API to customize your workflow. Add SMS to your existing software platforms and let the data flow between the two. The possibilities are endless with APIs, which can help you automatically schedule and send SMS messages.


Use Webhooks to allow one application to notify Textline when a certain event occurs. This allows you to customize workflow and see data flow in real-time. Webhooks can help save server resources and costs.

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Multi-user platform

Multiple users can see and respond to text conversations in Textline, allowing teams to collaborate and tackle a message inbox together with ease.

Chat within the app

There’s no need to switch tabs to chat with your teammates. Use Whispers to privately chat with colleagues directly in each text thread.

Claim and transfer conversations

Claim text conversations to signal to teammates you’re handling it or transfer a conversation to the right team member.

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A screenshot of the app displaying a conversation using the whisper feature
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Securely text from anywhere

Securely send SMS messages to your contacts no matter where and what you do. Text from your computer, mobile device, or tablet with ease. Plus, Textline offers a Chrome extension that lets you text while browsing any website.

Download our mobile app, use our platform on the web, or add the Chrome plug-in.

Collect actionable feedback with ease

Use Textline’s built-in customer satisfaction surveys to gauge how your business is performing. Send NPS or CSAT surveys via SMS in just a few clicks. Or, set up customizable surveys. SMS surveys allow you to reach customers directly on their mobile phones.

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