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<span class="platform__quote"><q>I love the ease of using it for mass texting as well as two-way texting. <span class="platform__quote--blue60">In the transportation recruiting business, texting is what captures the attention of drivers. Especially with all of the SPAM/SCAM calls drivers are more apt to respond to a text vs a call.</span></q></span>

<span class="platform__quote__author">Tonya F.,<span class="platform__quote__author--blue60"> Capterra</span></span>

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What are text blasts?

A text blast is a 160-character text message sent to multiple contacts simultaneously. SMS blasts allow businesses to broadcast consistent messages to customers, employees, and leads at scale.

Text blasts, also known as mass texts, are used by businesses across industries. Some common use cases are sending exclusive offers, appointment reminders, emergency alerts, and more. 

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What are some benefits of text blasts?

High open rates

Text messages have an average open rate of 98 percent. This is nearly four times the average open rate of emails. This means that your message will be seen by your target audience.

They are straight to the point

SMS messages are 160 characters, making a text blast short and to the point. Since the average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds, short messages are easier to absorb.

Reach contacts quickly 

The average text is read within three minutes. This means you can get your mass text messages to customers quickly.

Save time and effort 

You can blast one consistent message to many contacts at the same time. This allows you to cut out the manual copy and paste to save time and effort.

Features to look for in a text blast software

Each text blast service provider has different features. Below we share a few key features a text blast provider should have.

Texting templates 

<div class="platform__mb40">Don’t type the same messages over and over. Pick an SMS provider that allows you to create and save text templates.</div>

SMS scheduling

<div class="platform__mb40">Ensure your message is sent at the right time. Choose an SMS provider that allows you to schedule text blast messages ahead of time.</div>

Seamless opt-ins and opt-outs

<div class="platform__mb40">Select an SMS service that facilitates contact opt ins and opt outs. This includes automatically subscribing or unsubscribing with words like “START,” “STOP,” and “END.”</div>

Contact segmentation

<div class="platform__mb40">Find a mass texting service that allows you to sort your contact list into smaller groups. This will allow you to tailor messages and be more personal with your SMS campaigns.</div>

Easy contact upload

<div class="platform__mb40">You want it to be easy to upload your contacts. Pick an SMS service that makes this process seamless.</div>


<div class="platform__mb40">Personalized messages go a long way. Pick a provider that allows you to keep your text blasts personalized with first name, job title, date, time, and more.</div>

MMS messaging

<div class="platform__mb40">A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to text message marketing. Pick an SMS provider that allows you to send multimedia messages like photos, GIFs, or links, to supplement your messages. This will help you improve your engagement rate.</div>

Campaign Registry familiarity

<div class="platform__mb40">Don’t get blocked when sending text blasts. Instead, make sure your SMS provider complies and shares updates about The Campaign Registry. All businesses using 10-digit long code numbers to text their customers must sign up for the registry.</div>

Smart SMS

<div class="platform__mb40">Smart SMS is a feature that automatically sends your text blast messages from numbers that match the area code of the message recipient. This improves deliverability.</div>

Two-way texting

<div class="platform__mb40">Texts have a 45 percent response rate. As a result, find an SMS provider that enables two-way texting. This will let you respond to any text blast reply.</div>

Performance tracking

<div class="platform__mb40">Find a texting service that allows you to track text blast performance with ease. Seeing these metrics will allow you to improve your next SMS blast.</div>

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How businesses use text blasts

Businesses across the globe are using text blasts. Here are a few common examples:

Appointment reminders

Cut down on no-shows with text blast reminders.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125! Your appointment with &#123&#123doctor.name&#125&#125 is scheduled for &#123&#123date&#125&#125 at &#123&#123time&#125&#125. Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork. To reschedule, click this link: &#123&#123link&#125&#125.</span></span>

Text blast marketing

Use a text blast campaign to send coupons, exclusive offers, or special discounts to customers. 

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125! Hiking Apparel Co. has a special offer for you. Get 15% off any new pair of hiking shoes. Offer valid through 10/10. 🔥</span></span>

Abandoned cart reminders

Another text marketing message that could be sent as a text blast is abandoned cart nudges.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">ABC Retail: &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125, it looks like you left a few items in your cart! Get them before they’re gone: &#123&#123link&#125&#125.</span></span>

Payment reminders

Send your SMS list a text to remind them about an upcoming payment.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Wood Partners Rental: Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125. Your October rent is due in a few days. To make a payment head to this link: &#123&#123link&#125&#125.</span></span>

Emergency alerts

Get emergency text blast notifications to contacts quickly.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Oklahoma University: Classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the day due to a tornado warning. Stay safe.</span></span>

Event reminders

Promote or remind attendees of an upcoming event.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Tomorrow is the day! We can’t wait to see you at SaaS Co.’s 4th Annual Conference. Hear from the experts about improving marketing efforts with tools and technology.</span></span>

Event management with staff

Make sure employees are in the know while on-site at an event.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi team. We have an AV issue in Room 208. Can anyone help us troubleshoot?</span></span>

Engage a group of potential customers

Send a text blast to a group of leads at once to schedule a phone call or demo.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125. This is Maria from Primary Insurance Company. Thanks for your inquiry about switching your insurance. What day/time are you free for a quick call? </span></span>

Share real estate listings

Realtors can use text blasts to promote new listings to potential buyers. 

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125. This is Rita from Realtors Inc. We had three new houses hit the market in your desired neighborhood. Let me know if you’d like me to send over the links or schedule a showing.</span></span>

Send surveys

Improve your customer service by sending satisfaction surveys to many people. 

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125. Thanks for choosing us for your auto repair! How would you rate your recent service on a scale from 0-5? 5 being very satisfied and 0 being very unsatisfied.</span></span>


Use a text blast to schedule a screening call with multiple candidates at once.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi &#123&#123contact.name&#125&#125! This is Fey from Trucking Everywhere. We reviewed your resume for the &#123&#123open.job&#125&#125 and would love to discuss your experiences in greater detail. Please schedule a 15-minute call on my calendar: &#123&#123calendar.link&#125&#125</span></span>

Internal team memos

Let your team know about an important update or memo.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi team! Please remember to take the mandatory training course by 12 p.m. Friday.</span></span>

Urgent staffing requests

Send a text blast to staff to request to fill a last-minute open shift.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi team! We had a last-minute home health shift open for tomorrow from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. We are offering a $100 bonus. Is anyone interested?</span></span>

Account management

Check-in with a group of customers to see how their service went or schedule their next service appointment.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi Addison. This is Serena from HVAC 123. It looks like you haven’t scheduled a HVAC check-up in a while. Are you interested in scheduling a service today?</span></span>

Thank you for your business messages

Send a thank you note to a group of contacts.

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi Marshall. This is Joey from Monty Hotels. Thank you for being a loyal customer 😊 </span></span>

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Text blast frequently asked questions

Is sending text blasts legal?

Yes! Sending text blasts to subscribed SMS contacts is legal. But, there are several rules to keep in mind. This includes The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and The Campaign Registry. The TCPA requires businesses to get written or verbal opt-ins from contacts. Getting this opt-in will help you build your SMS subscriber list. These opt-ins can be obtained by having customers fill out a form, asking in person, or urging your customers to text you first. 

To comply with the TCPA, you must also provide a way for your contacts to opt out of text blast campaigns. To make this easy, pick an SMS provider that automatically unsubscribes contacts if they reply with words like STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE. 

In addition, companies must register for The Campaign Registry. The registry was created to decrease the number of SPAM messages received by consumers. The Campaign Registry ensures that businesses' phone numbers and the messages they send from it are legitimate. Businesses using 10DLC numbers to text their customers must sign up for The Campaign Registry. Read our blog on how to ensure you are legally texting your customers to learn more. 

Can I send text blasts to anyone?

You can send SMS blasts to anyone who consents to receive text messages from you.

How do I send a text blast?

Sending a mass SMS, or text blast, on Textline is easy. You will use our Announcements feature. We break down the five steps below.

  1. Create a Textline account
  2. Go to the Textline dashboard and create a new Announcement
  3. Compose your message
  4. Add the contacts you want to send the blast to
  5. Schedule your message or send it immediately with a single click

To see a more in-depth guide with photos view our help center page here

Who can send text blasts?

All Textline users can send text blasts to their SMS contacts.

How much does it cost to send an SMS blast?

Pricing depends on your SMS service provider and the number of messages you send. Textline offers three different pricing plans. All pricing plans start with a free trial that includes unlimited two-way texting and no hidden setup fees. 

What are some best practices for sending SMS blasts?

There are several things to keep in mind when sending SMS notifications. Here are a few:

  • Get an opt-in 
  • Work to grow your SMS list
  • Be clear about the types of messages your contacts are opting into
  • Don’t send too many messages per month
  • Allow seamless opt-outs
  • Introduce yourself or your business in the message
  • Personalize messages 
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Get a plan in place for managing replies

Can I personalize SMS blasts?

Yes! With Textline, you can use custom fields to pull specific contact information into your SMS message. This includes items like name, company, date, time, and more.

When will my text blasts be sent?

Your text notifications are sent when you want on Textline. You can schedule messages to send ahead of time or send them right away.

Can you send photos, links, PDFs, or other multimedia in text blasts?

Yes! Adding these items to a text blast would make the message a multimedia messaging service, also known as an MMS. 

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