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Announcing Smart SMS

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Recently, we have been working on a feature set for our customers who want more control over sending text messages using specific area codes. We are excited to announce Smart SMS. Smart SMS is a new way to send text messages with Textline that ensures speedy delivery of announcements and provides control over the geo-location of text messages.

Smart SMS combines Textline's announcement feature with a collection of numbers to send the same message to many customers at one time. Announcements sent in this way can be up to 400x times faster than the traditional method. Smart SMS is ideal for customers who need to send urgent, mass messages to customers from specific area codes.

Another core component of Smart SMS is the ability to automatically send messages from numbers that match the area code of the recipient. Textline customers can pick a collection of numbers with area codes for the locations they service and Smart SMS will ensure messages are sent from a matching or nearby area code. Control over geo-location is critical for Textline businesses who care about providing customer experiences from local numbers. 

The best part about Smart SMS is that it remembers the sending number used to contact a recipient. That means that Textline users can be sure that their customers have a single number to contact for all future messages. 

If you’d like to learn more about Smart SMS or to see it in action, feel free to text us at +1 (415) 849-4349, and we’ll set up a demo for you. If you’re already a Textline customer on a Pro or Enterprise, you can create a Smart SMS department and give it a try for yourself. For further details, check out the documentation.

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