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Textline introduces a new integration: Zendesk Sell

Fatima Puri
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We are excited to announce that our new Zendesk Sell integration is live. Like the popular Zendesk Support integration, Textline with Zendesk Sell lets you use Textline’s business texting software natively within Zendesk Sell from the top bar or sidebar widget. 

Communicate with prospects while working in Zendesk Sell.

Send and respond to text messages right from Zendesk Sell, and automatically log all text conversations as notes on leads and contacts or deals. Combine the robust features of Textline with Zendesk Sell and leverage business texting to create more leads, respond instantly to prospects, build trust with a personal approach, and close deals faster.

  • Reach out to more people with personalized mass texts and make it easy for prospects to contact you when they’re interested. 
  • Respond instantly to leads with automatic greetings and away messages.
  • Automate your workflow by scheduling follow-up messages, setting reminders, or using templates for frequently sent messages. 
  • Win as a team with tools that make it easy to share information with colleagues so you can collaborate better.
See texts and emails on one screen.

Installation instructions

1. Sign in or sign up for a Textline account at (You must have administrator permissions in both Textline and Zendesk Sell to set up the integration.)

2. In the Textline app, visit Settings > Tools & Integrations and click the Zendesk Sell logo.

3. Click connect.

4. A page to Zendesk Sell will open. If not already signed in, enter your credentials and log in. You might need to click on the “Sign in with Zendesk” button if you made your Sell account after January 2020.

5. Once logged in, click to approve and connect Zendesk Sell with Textline.

6. Now inbound texts will create notes associated with leads or contacts in Zendesk Sell. (Notes are tagged with textline). You can also change the integration to create notes that are associated with deals instead.

7. Click the install button in the Zendesk Marketplace to add a top bar Textline widget and a sidebar app that reveals Textline conversations that correspond to the currently visible Zendesk Sell deal.

We're here to answer any questions you may have. Just email or text us at +1 415-849-4349. Happy selling!

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