Text message marketing for small businesses

Looking for a powerful way to communicate with your customers? With high engagement rates and low costs, a text messaging service for small businesses is a great way to level up internal operations, marketing, and sales strategies. Controlled from a central dashboard, Textline is designed to improve team and customer communication while saving your business time and money.
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How text messaging helps small businesses

Managing partners, answering customer queries, and following up with leads are day-to-day tasks for your business. These tasks are often time-drains, taking resources away from the most critical ones. Phone calls are slow, and perfectly written emails remain unopened. But SMS marketing reaches your customers with a concise message on a preferred communication platform. Text messaging lets you connect with your existing customers and drive customer acquisition. With sky-high open rates and direct links to where customers spend ample time, SMS is an efficient way for small businesses to nurture relationships, build a sales funnel, and deliver an effective marketing campaign.

Better engagement with customers

Drive engagement with your small business by reaching customers through the medium they use most. Unlike email or phone calls, text message marketing offers 98 percent open rates and the chance to build connections with your customers. 

<div class="mb32">Use text-back services, wish your customers a happy birthday, or even send personalized offers via text message. SMS marketing helps you stand out from the competition and create memorable customer communication experiences.</div>

Stronger customer service

Reaching your customers via text isn’t just a great marketing strategy. SMS also can help your customer service team identify, act on, and solve customer problems. 

<div class="mb32">Customer service SMS helps your small business keep customers happy and resolve issues faster. Send text messages to request feedback, identify issues, and answer customer queries. Using automated text messaging can improve customer relationships and ensure customers get the help they need while saving you time. Plus, your team can handle multiple customer conversations at once to boost productivity with Textline’s SMS customer service platform.</div>

Respond to leads quickly

Respond to leads immediately and keep interest levels high with a text message service designed for growing small businesses.

<div class="mb32">Reach your leads as soon as they fill out a contact form to beat your competition. You can also use SMS to qualify your leads, encourage appointment booking, drive sales, and offer quotes. Personalize lead communication to increase conversion rates and start a great relationship with your customers from day one.</div>

Streamline your operations with automation

<div class="mb32">Save time and money with an automated text messaging service for your business. Simply write your message and set up rules for the automation to trigger. Then, it’s done! Sit back while your automation does the hard work.</div>

Hire employees with ease

Use SMS in your recruitment strategy. Text recruiting makes hiring the right talent for your small business easier.

<div class="mb32">Use a text recruiting campaign to reach the right candidates, increase engagement with your job post, or schedule interviews. You can send application reminders, share interview reminders, or text a referred candidate. Build great relationships with your job candidates by sending personalized messages with emojis, images, or file links. This will ensure your candidates have a great hiring experience and your new employees feel welcome.</div>

Improve internal communication and coordination

Keep morale high and burnout low with our tool built for teams. Textline can improve staff communication to streamline complex workflows, solve problems quicker, and collaborate across departments.

With Textline, you can use SMS to coordinate field teams, send memos, and leave private internal notes on customer conversations. Moreover, you can use our SMS platform to automatically assign inbound texts to agents and help improve vendor communication. 

<div class="mb32">Not only will this save time, but it will also reduce headaches and improve the overall productivity of your team.</div>

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Textline’s SMS features for small businesses

Built with small businesses like yours in mind, Textline offers SMS features that make communicating with your customers fast and simple.

SMS dashboard

Your team can manage all messages in our universal inbox. Easily view text message campaigns, metrics, and manage your contact list. With one central dashboard, you can view data for your texting campaigns and hone your strategy to increase engagement. Simply log on and go!

Bulk SMS

With the bulk SMS feature, you can send Announcements to your entire contact list and collect responses. Bulk SMS messages are perfect for promoting events, new products, seasonal discounts, and more. These messages can be sent to your phone list in a few clicks. Then, view the performance of your bulk SMS campaign in your dashboard and better understand the health of your contact list.

Help your contacts stay informed, promote meaningful offers, and see the benefits in your business with bulk SMS.

Text surveys

Use text surveys to gather feedback and garner valuable insights for your small business. Follow up on negative feedback, learn more about your contacts, and discover what matters most to customers by sending SMS surveys. View the results to improve business operations.

Two-way texting

Chat with your customers in real-time, facilitate customer conversations, and reduce customer service response time with two-way texting. Textline allows you to view conversation history with each contact as well, which helps you better understand customers and reply with personalized messages. You can also save time by creating message templates that answer common customer questions.

How to get started with Textline

It’s easy to get started with Textline. We’ve made it simple to set up your account, send messages, and view message analytics. You can complete these tasks in just a few clicks and start saving your business time and money. Plus, with built-in feedback systems and customizable roles, departments, and messages, your team members will have the tools they need to deliver their best work.

There’s no need for your customers to install an app or navigate to a webpage. That's because Textline takes advantage of native text messages. Any SMS sent from Textline appears as a regular text message on the customer’s phone. 

1. Set up your current number or get a new one

Set up Textline with your existing business phone number, so your customers will recognize it. Or, set up a new texting number. You could even have different numbers for your various business segments. For example, you could have one number for customer support and another for SMS marketing. 

With Textline, there’s no complex configuration, development, or technical knowledge needed. It’s simple to set up.

2. Create your channels

Stay in control of your communication by creating different channels, which we call departments. Base your channels on location, department function, and more. 

Set up sales and marketing, customer service, recruitment, and HR channels, to fit your business communication needs. With infinite flexibility and many business use cases, Textline adapts to your business.

3. Invite your team

Assign roles to your team members and streamline your communication processes. Flexibly assign users to channels and create permissions, roles, and teams according to your business structure.

Help your team work together to answer queries, respond from anywhere, and improve customer response rates. Integrate Textline with your existing workflow for a seamless team experience. You can also leave Whispers, which are internal private notes, on customer conversations to help team coordination and ensure customers’ problems are solved. 

With a straightforward log-in process and an easy-to-use dashboard, your team will be running effective SMS for small businesses in no time!

4. Import your contacts

Import your contacts into the platform to start sending text messages to your customers, leads, or employees. Our simple data migration tools make it easy to transport, duplicate, and import your contacts.

In Textline, it is easy to see exactly who you’re texting and you can assign each contact a Tag, or internal label, that helps you segment your contact list. You can also view customer text history to ensure your contacts receive meaningful and relevant text messages from your business.

5. Start texting

Once you’ve set up your number, channels, and contacts, you can start texting!

Create your first SMS marketing campaign, craft an Announcement, design your business automations, or send a singular message. Use emojis to add flair to your SMS, or send a bulk message to scale your communications. Send links, attach images, and distribute other file attachments to upgrade conversations and give your customers the answers they need.

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Why small businesses should text


of U.S. adults own a mobile device with text messaging services. — Statista


of customers prefer SMS messaging over direct phone calls. — SMS Comparison


of businesses say a top benefit of SMS marketing is its fast delivery time. — SMS Comparison

Straightforward phone number registration for small businesses

Businesses must register their phone numbers to text customers, leads, or employees. This is a new requirement from mobile carriers that took effect in 2023.

Textline simplifies this registration process for small businesses. Businesses can register properly in the Textline platform. You just need to fill out our built-in compliance form and click save. Textline will handle the rest, including registration submission.

Plus, the best part is you can continue using Textline for free while you wait for registration approval. Use this time to set up automations, test features, and write SMS templates.

Start growing your small business through SMS today

Unlock the possibilities of an SMS for small business strategy now! Get started with Textline to send mass texts, build relationships, or find the perfect new hire. 

Enjoy features such as a centralized dashboard, bulk texting, and two-way texting to facilitate communication and save time and money. Gather robust data and gain compelling insights to make strategic business decisions and increase your bottom line. See how your team can benefit from a small businesses SMS strategy with Textline.

Contact our friendly, experienced team today and book a demo to see how the power of an SMS strategy can revolutionize your small business.

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Thousands of small businesses trust Textline

We chose Textline because the interface was easy, the staff was helpful and friendly and the cost was affordable for our small business needs.

—Jennifer K., Capterra

Textline had lots of features to offer, great pricing and it was easy to find yourself in their services. No big fluff in the pricing and you pay for what you really need on a monthly basis. Finally, a company that gets that smaller business might not be able to commit to a full-year contract on their first use of a service.

—Mikaël C., Capterra

Textline has simplified our approach to SMS in general. We've tried many platforms and more robust services like Twilio, but Textline is the perfect turn-key solution for small and big business.

—Jorge Enrique R., Capterra
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