Home repair company uses texting to send announcements to workers in the field.

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Chicago, IL
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Fixer is a Chicago-based company that provides on-demand home repair services. The company aims to make home maintenance a better experience for customers, while providing employment and training opportunities for repair professionals, called Fixers. Their customers come from all walks of life, including individual homeowners, landlords and property managers. Their Fixers also come from varied backgrounds and are skilled in a wide range of home repair services, including drywall, painting, staining, electrical work, plumbing, caulking, tile work, and more. Some are graduates of their 90-day educational training program, which is open to anyone from the community who is interested in learning home repair services.
of their communications are through text
messages handled per day by agents

The problem

Their team was using a variety of communication channels with different staffing configurations and metrics, and they were reluctant to staff or outsource a large call center to handle customer requests and inquiries by phone. They wanted an easier way to share job details and send images to customers, as well as an efficient way to communicate internally with Fixers, who tend to rely on their cell phones because they work a lot in the field. Many Fixers aren’t good at checking email because they have limited access to their computers, and it’s difficult for them to hear the phone ringing while they are using power tools on the job.

The solution

They now rely heavily on Textline to communicate with both customers and Fixers. Their team is able to work more efficiently, because they can handle multiple conversations at a time and coordinate so that staff can pick up conversations from one another when there are urgent issues. They use Zendesk for customer support, and a lot of their communication is automated using Textline’s API. Customers receive automated messages such as appointment reminders and invoice texts, while Fixers receive job reminders and notifications when they receive reviews. Their dispatch team regularly communicates with Fixers by text about job details and ordering special parts. They use Textline’s announcements tool with Fixers about once or twice a month to increase employee awareness of important information such as employee happy hours and parking violations.

Conversation examples

Announcement about special parts
Announcement about special parts
Automated conversation with a customer
Automated conversation with a customer
Internal announcements for employees
Internal announcements for employees
“There’s just a tremendous benefit first and foremost for the consumer side of things to have this asynchronous but quick conversation that’s more conducive to being able to share details back and forth…and just simply sending pictures in our business is really critical. And obviously that all happens through your phone nowadays.”
—Cat de Merode, Vice President of Product/Head of Customer Service, Dispatch and Sales

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