Textline Chrome Extension

Send and respond to text messages from any tab in Chrome.

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Send and receive text messages from any website using our Chrome Extension. You no longer have to switch tabs to communicate with customers, employees, and sales prospects. Business text messaging is the most convenient communication channel, and now you can respond faster without interrupting your work. Keep customers happy, while delivering the most innovative customer service available.

Textline's Chrome extension in action.
Textline's Chrome Extension in action.

Stop switching gears, and work more efficiently

Anyone with a Standard or Pro Textline account can download the Textline Chrome Plug-in and start responding instantly to customers while using the Chrome browser. Initiate and respond to text messages using the sidebar widget. The Chrome extension operates similarly to the Textline mobile app. You can log in to Textline when you first open the extension, but if you’ve already logged in to the Textline web app, the extension will automatically sign you in. Once signed in, you can view your Conversation List. Click on any Contact in the list to be able to interact with their Conversation.

Screenshot of Textline's Chrome Extension.
Send texts while on any website.

Use your favorite Textline features from Chrome

  • Claim and Resolve conversations — Our tools allow you to divide your team’s workload. 
  • Shortcuts — Store templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer text conversations between team members.
  • Notifications — Receive desktop, email, and mobile alerts.
  • Scheduled messages — Draft messages that will go out at a later date.
  • Whispers — Send private notes to team members.
  • Reminders - Set reminders for tasks such as following up with customers.
  • MMS — Send and receive photos, videos, and attachments.
  • Address Book — View and edit contact details, and keep them all in one place.
  • HIPAA compliant — Protect sensitive health information.

Screenshot of available Textline features with the Chrome Extension.
Available Textline features when using the Chrome Extension.

How to install

  1. Make sure you are on the Standard or Pro plan. You must be one of these plans to add integrations like the Chrome Extension. 
  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Textline - Business Text Messaging, or follow this link.  
  3. Click the blue button that says Add to Chrome at the top right of the page.  
  4. Click the Add Extension button in the Chrome pop-up to install the plug-in.
  5. You’re done with installation! Log into Textline, and start texting. Go to our help center article for more information here

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