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Why Textline?

Secure business texting software helps your customer service team work faster, collaborate efficiently, and standardizes your brand voice while instilling trust in your customers and keeping their privacy top of mind. Monitor all of your team’s conversations in one place, and use our data analysis tools to measure progress.

01 | Connect

Plug and play

We make set up easy so you can start texting contacts. SMS is also native texting, so your customers don't need to install an app.

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Use your current number

Add texting functionality to your existing phone number so your customers don’t have to learn a new one.

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Set up a new number

Get a new phone number--or multiple numbers for different parts of your business.

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02 | Engage

Start meaningful conversations

Your customers want direct, real-time conversations, but personal communication can be difficult to scale. Our platform lets you securely talk to more people at one time, without losing that human connection.

Add a dash of personality

Talk to customers like you would friends or family. Use emojis to add context and send links, images, and other file attachments to upgrade conversations.

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Respond from anywhere

Stay safely connected with multiple devices, desktop or mobile, whether your team works in the office or the field.

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Text from your existing workflow

We can work with your customer experience stack. Textline integrates with leading software such as Zendesk, Talkdesk, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.

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03 | Collaborate

Help your team thrive

Customer service is a team sport. Textline was built for teams and designed to scale because when your team is happy, your customers win. Help your team work efficiently—without sacrificing any customer trust or quality of service.

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Succeed together

Create a better experience for agents so they can respond faster, resolve more conversations, and serve more customers. Utilize features that let you talk privately with team members and divide work among agents.

Create a unified voice

Maintain your brand personality and credibility, even while working as a large team. Monitor all of your conversations to make sure agents are speaking in the same tone of voice. Provide instant feedback within the platform to agents in training.

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04 | Optimize

Streamline your process

Centralize your customer experience efforts and automate your process by working efficiently as a team. After you’ve started texting, analyze data to improve your work.

Boost efficiency

Make your work easier and resolve more conversations with tools that let you do more in less time.

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Message templates

Use our shortcuts feature to create standard answers to common customer questions, so that you can respond instantly.

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Automatic responses

Schedule text messages in advance, or set up automatic replies to incoming text messages triggered by keywords.

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Reach more people

For those times when you need to send the same message to a long list of people. Personalized messaging can work at scale—when you have the right tools.

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Send texts to multiple customers—or all of them—at once. Schedule announcements in advance, segment your audiences, and measure responses.

Do more with your data

Keep your finger on the pulse by managing all of your conversations in one place. Use our metrics tools to track KPIs and make sure you’re meeting your business goals.

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Surveys made easy

Customer satisfaction surveys are a proven way to understand customer loyalty with one ultimate question. Reach customers directly by sending surveys via SMS.

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