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Use Textline’s API to integrate SMS into your existing workflow and applications. With our SMS API, you can build a custom message flow to meet your business needs.
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Why choose Textline’s API

With Textline’s API, you can integrate, automate, and scale SMS communication so it works for your business. Build custom integrations and improve efficiencies today with Textline. Check out some of the benefits of Textline’s API.

Zapier integration

With our Zapier integration, you can connect your existing tech stack to Textline. This quickly adds messaging capabilities without the need to code.

Top-notch support

Do you have questions about our API? Our support team is available to answer your questions and troubleshoot errors.

Built to scale

Textline’s platform allows businesses to scale SMS communication with ease. Send text messages to customers from your existing technical infrastructure.

Improved reporting capabilities

Textline’s reporting API gives customers access to large datasets for improved visibility and reporting.

Customize with webhooks

Textline supports user-configured webhooks. This powers one-way data sharing when a particular event occurs. This can help customize workflows.

Developer-friendly API

Our API was built with developers in mind. Our API documentation provides developers with the necessary resources to start building today.

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Common functions in Textline’s SMS API

Pull data
Get details about a contact
Send an SMS survey
Send an SMS survey
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Textline SMS API case study

The possibilities are endless with Textline’s API. See how one of Textline’s healthcare customers uses our API to improve patient communication.

Dntl Bar used our API to connect its electronic medical record (EMR) to Textline. This allows data to flow and sync between the EMR and Textline to ensure up-to-date records and communication. This connection has saved the organization time and resources.

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“Outstanding service. The REST API is brilliantly simple.

Ezekiel M., Trustpilot

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Frequently asked questions about Textline’s SMS API

What is an SMS API?

API stands for an application programming interface. It’s a set of programming rules and instructions for accessing and integrating software. In a sense, APIs are the front door to web-based applications. They allow separate software applications to communicate with one another.

Textline’s SMS API enables a separate application to speak to Textline to trigger the sending and receiving of text messages.

What can I do with Textline’s API?

The Textline REST API allows developers to integrate our core features with other websites or applications. Specifically, the REST API will enable you to send and receive messages, schedule texts, send surveys, update conversation statuses, and add to your address book.

Textline also has a Reporting API that allows users to pull critical data for reports and business intelligence.

Can I view your API?
How can I access Textline’s API?

Customers can access our API if they are on a Standard Plan or above. You’ll gain access to a unique API key.

What is the API call limit?

Textline’s default limit is 200 calls per minute.

What happens if I exceed the API call limit?

Exceeding the rate of 200 requests per minute will result in a 429 error.

Can API calls affect Textline metrics?

Yes, specific API calls can affect metrics. Some calls that affect metrics include: sending a message, resolving a conversation, and sending an Announcement.

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