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Keep your clients and fellow attorneys informed with a text messaging solution for law firms. Textline's compliant, secure, and easy-to-use SMS platform is perfect for lawyers who want to text clients or their team. Use SMS to streamline communication and add value for your clients.
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Why texting works for legal teams

Lighten the bureaucratic burden with an SMS solution built for law firms. 

In a legal office, it’s crucial to keep in touch with an array of clients. Missed appointments, forgotten papers, and miscommunication are frustrating problems that slow down cases. SMS is a tool that can reduce these common communication issues to increase efficiency and help your clients navigate the complex legal process. A text message solution is great for lawyers and their clients as it provides a streamlined, efficient communication method.

SMS is accessible, quick, and preferred. In fact, the average SMS message is opened 98 percent of the time, compared to 22 percent of emails. Plus, 97 percent of the population owns a phone with text messaging capabilities making it widely accessible. Additionally, your clients want to text lawyers. Studies show over 50 percent of the public prefers to communicate with businesses via SMS than an email or phone call.

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What you can do with a lawyer SMS solution

From getting new clients to internal communication, there are numerous ways legal teams can use SMS. Below we share a few to note. 

Grow your client list with SMS marketing

Use SMS marketing to promote your legal services to existing or interested clients. You can share cost information, case wins, or other materials that may encourage clients to choose you and your firm.

Set up automated texts to send to any leads who request more information. This ensures these clients receive prompt replies, no matter when they reach out. 

Manage appointments

No-shows and double-booked appointments are time burdens on your busy legal team. Help your team manage appointments using Textline. Set up automated SMS appointment reminders or streamline scheduling by sending appointment booking links via text. Plus, help clients reschedule or cancel appointments using two-way texting. These features are all available and managed in Textline’s central dashboard. 

Improve customer service with texting

Help your team deliver their best service to every client with a text message lawyers solution. SMS can help you improve customer service because it keeps clients updated. For example, you can quickly remind them about upcoming deadlines, tell them to bring paperwork to the next meeting, or answer questions. Help your clients stay on top of repeated tasks and answer their questions promptly. 

The reality is navigating legal issues is complicated. Help your clients stay informed with a personalized two-way texting service. Answer their questions, provide support, and reassure them. That extra communication will not go unnoticed. 

Facilitate internal operations

Legal practices also use SMS messaging to communicate internally with their team members. Whether in court or outside of business hours, an SMS is a quick and convenient way to get a message to the right person. Plus, texts are accessible to everyone, don’t require WiFi, and are opened within three minutes. Overall, an SMS solution like Textline helps deliver crucial internal communication securely when your team needs it.

Assign team members roles and departments

In the legal profession, getting the message to the right person at the right time is vital. That's why Textline offers configurable roles and departments. This feature helps law firms define access permissions to data and contacts. 

You can ensure that only the right team member can access contacts or messages. In short, Textline can mold to fit the exact requirements of your legal office.

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Why lawyers should text


of text messages are opened and 45% get replies. — SMS Comparison


of clients want the ability to two-way text with a business. — SimpleTexting


of Americans check their phone within 10 minutes of waking up. — Reviews.org

Get phone number registration right for your law firm

Mobile carriers implemented a registration requirement in 2023 for businesses wanting to use text messaging. This initiative was mandated to combat spam texting. To use SMS, businesses must first register their phone number by submitting information about their brand and texting use case.

Textline makes phone number registration simple and compliant. Textline lets customers fill out the required information in our app. Our pre-built forms ensure you submit the correct information and provide examples for compliant campaigns. Take the stress out of phone number registration with Textline.

Do you want to test the platform and its features before registering? With Textline, you can. Textline is one of the platforms in the industry that still offers a compliant free trial. Sign up today.

SMS compliance for the legal industry

We know keeping your clients' data safe is critical. In your legal office, there's no room for error. 

Textline is an industry leader in SMS compliance and security. Our knowledgeable team can help ensure your communications are compliant with all federal and state laws. Plus, Textline has built-in compliance features like automatic opt-outs.

Textline is also SOC 2 compliant, meaning we protect your data and conversations like they’re our own. 

Send legal text messages safely and securely with Textline.

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Why law firms trust Textline

I'm able to reach my customers with ease, and they're able to contact me after hours at their convenience. The product is very simple to use. We have used many different texting softwares and so far Textline has been the most useful!

— Destiny B., Capterra

I love this service. I find that many of my clients will overlook and essentially not respond to emails, but with Textline, their responses are better and they are less likely to ignore or overlook the message content.

— Chiquita Nicole E., Capterra

Love Textline. It's easy to use and just what you need if you're looking for business texting options. Support staff is prompt and easy to work with when needed.

— John G., Capterra
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Connect Textline to your existing workflow

Textline easily and securely integrates with third-party apps so you can maximize the results of your SMS campaigns. Connect Textline with dozens of tools like top CRM platforms and social media channels in just a few clicks.

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Improve your law firm via texting today

Join thousands of other lawyers texting clients across America. Many legal practices like yours rely on Textline's SMS solution. Textline’s Legal SMS solution is simple and designed to foster better client-lawyer relationships. Enjoy features developed for legal firms, such as an easy-to-use SMS dashboard, appointment and billing automation, and two-way texting. Ready to get started with the leading text lawyer software? Get a free 14-day trial today and see firsthand how Textline's SMS for legal services can revolutionize communication between your firm and your clients.

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