Facilitate internal communication with Whispers

Communicate with your team members in the Textline application using Whispers. Leave private internal notes to confirm information, ask questions, and more. Whispers only are visible by your team.

The benefits of Whispers

Keep team members on the same page

Use Whispers to keep team members informed. You can leave status updates about to-do items on each outstanding conversation. For example, you could leave an update like: We need to follow up on Monday.

Cut down on back-and-forth

You don’t need to pull up a different application or messaging software to get in touch with your team. Instead, leave them notes or ask questions privately within each Textline conversation. Plus, because you can see the entire text chain, your team has the right context to easily answer questions. This reduces the need for back-and-forth emails or chats to save time.

A screenshot of how to insert a shortcut
A screenshot of how to insert a shortcut

Ensure the right individuals or teams see your note

Whispers are visible to your team members, but not your customers. With Whispers, you can mention an agent or team directly. This allows you to direct your internal note to the right person or team.

Create seamless conversation transitions

You can leave Whispers when transferring a conversation to another colleague. This allows for seamless transitions for customers. Get customer issues resolved and questions answered without end-users feeling like they’re talking to multiple people.

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How Textline customers use Whispers

Many Textline customers use Whispers to facilitate internal communication to improve the customer experience. There are many ways to use the feature, but here are a few common ways.

Leave a status update when your shift ends

I checked for an update on this today. We are still waiting for a response from the development team. Here’s a link to the thread to check: [link].

Provide important details about contacts

This is a VIP customer that needs to change their reservation, but I can’t access the booking website right now. Can anyone assist?

Add more context to why a decision was made

Hi @Mika. I didn’t send this customer a review link because they recently submitted feedback!

Acknowledge a team member’s success

Hey @Shana! Excellent job handling this customer issue. 😊

Ask a team members clarifying questions

Hey team. How can I check the availability of this product for the Chicago location?

Leave to-do items on outstanding conversations

Hi team. Here’s what we need to do by EOW. 1. Set up a demo. 2. Help the customer enable this feature during the trial period.

Share helpful resources with colleagues

Here’s an article you can send to the customer: helparticle123.com

Conduct a sales handoff

Hey @Genevieve. This person wants to chat with a sales rep. I’ll let you pick up the conversation from here!

Roll by Goodyear uses Whispers to communicate internally. Agents leave colleagues private notes to share important information or ask clarifying questions. It is especially helpful when shifts end so teammates can pick up where the agent left off and customers feel supported and heard.

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The DFH team uses Whispers to communicate between agents. Doing so streamlines internal communication and ensures end-users don’t feel like they are talking to multiple people at DFH Transportation.

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How to send a Whisper

1. Start a Whisper
2. Compose and tag users
3. Click send

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