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Textline makes it easy to add, edit, and store contacts in your Address Book. Plus, effortlessly create groups, archive contacts, and search the list.
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Benefits of Textline’s Address Book

Sync contacts from other data sources

With our integrations and open API, you can sync your contacts from other sources to Textline. Some of our customers have synced their CRM or EHR data, for example.

Add contacts’ language preferences

You can also easily store preferred languages for each contact in our Address Book. This field helps you and your team ensure you’re reaching out in the language that is best fit for each contact.

Automatic opt-outs

When a contact replies with messages like STOP, END, or UNSUBSCRIBE, they are marked as unreachable in the Address Book. This helps you comply with laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that require a way for contacts to stop getting messages at any time.

Stress-free double consent feature

Don’t stress about confirming consent with a Textline Pro Plan. You can confirm your contacts’ SMS opt-in preferences when you turn on Contact Consent. Check the consent status of a contact by looking at their information in the Address Book or sidebar widget. The status will show whether or not the contact has confirmed consent, as well as the date and time.

Saved search for contact targeting

You can also search for non-consented contacts with our advanced search function. Advanced search can also build lists to export non-consented contacts or contacts that say no to SMS messages.

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How to add contacts to the Textline Address Book

Textline makes it easy for you to add contacts. You can add an individual contact or conduct a mass contact upload to the Address Book. For the individual contact add, you manually add it to the Address Book by clicking the “New Contact” button.

For the mass import, you upload a CSV file. Here are the steps:

  1. Create your contact list in a spreadsheet. You can use Excel, Mac Numbers, Google Sheets, or another application.
  2. Ensure your column headers are correct. This includes headers: name, phone number, email, tags, tags handling, and preferred language. You can download an example spreadsheet with the correct headers in this Help Center page.
  3. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  4. Import the CSV file to the Address Book.

You can download an example spreadsheet with the correct headers in this Help Center page.

For more detailed instructions, read our Help Center page.

Address Book FAQs

How can I gain more SMS contacts and opt-ins?

You must get consent from contacts to text them. There are many ways to encourage more people to subscribe and opt into SMS messaging. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Encourage customers to text you first
  • Add an opt-in form to your website
  • Get verbal confirmation
  • Convert existing newsletter or email subscribers
  • Put opt-ins at online checkout
  • Incentivize opt-ins with dollar-off discounts

Read: 12 ways to get more SMS subscribers to learn more strategies.

Do opt-in incentives work to build SMS contact lists?

Yes! Research shows that marketing campaigns with incentives get six times as many subscribers as non-incentivized ones.

What details can I include about a contact in the Address Book?

Textline lets you include name, email, photo, Tags, and notes in the contact details. If you’re on the Textline Standard or Pro plan, you can create custom fields for contacts. This allows you to have an Address Book that works best for your business.

What does it mean if a contact is marked as unreachable in the Address Book?

This means your contact has unsubscribed from messaging and will no longer receive messages from you. You can view unreachable contacts by going to your Address Book and sorting status by unreachable.

Try Textline’s easy-to-use Address Book today

Managing your contact list is simple with Textline. Ensure your SMS subscriber list is clean, accurate, and compliant. That way, you can always ensure your texts are getting to the right person.

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