Textline for Slack

Answer all of your Textline messages without ever leaving Slack.

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Textline’s integration with Slack can help your team work more efficiently and use Textline and Slack together seamlessly. View, reply, and send text messages right from your preferred Slack channel. Additionally, discuss or share your Textline conversations with your team right in Slack.
Screenshot featuring a customer text message received within Slack via the Textline integration.
Textline integration in Slack
  • Sync your Textline messages with your Slack account. 
  • Handle all of your Textline conversations without ever leaving Slack.
  • View and respond to Textline messages right in Slack. 
  • Use Textline features like whispers, shortcuts, claim/transfer and more right in Slack.
“A big reason why we are using text is because we want to make sure that we're communicating with our customers in a way that feels personal. A lot of other companies are just doing automated messaging—big, mass email programs and campaigns. And that's not our approach at all.”

—Shannon Kinet, Director of Sales Operations, Remote Year

How to install

Follow these directions to set up your Textline and Slack integration. 

  1. Log into your Textline account and click Settings then Tools & Integrations and then Slack. 
  2. Follow the directions on the Slack website that you’re redirected to. 
  3. Grant permission to Textline to integrate with your Slack.
  4. Select the channel you want your Textline messages to appear in and save your settings in Textline.

Use all of Textline’s features with Slack

  • Claim and Resolve conversations — Our tools allow you to divide your team’s workload. 
  • Shortcuts — Respond using templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer messages, similar to transferring phone calls.
  • Notifications — Receive notifications right in Slack.
  • Whispers — Send private notes to team members.
  • HIPAA compliant* — Protect sensitive health information.
  • Reopen Resolved conversations — Reopen conversations that have already been resolved if necessary.

*Note: Textline is HIPAA compliant but cannot guarantee compliance once data leaves our system via an integration

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