Salon text message marketing

Whether you're an established spa or a new hair salon, SMS marketing is a great way to reach clients and drive revenue. Use salon text messaging to build better customer relationships, increase appointment frequency, and deliver personalized offers to your loyal clients. Take your health and beauty business to new heights with SMS.
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Text message marketing supports salon or spa business growth

Your clients are the most critical part of your wellness and beauty business.

As a result, you must deliver an exceptional service and leave your clients feeling their best for your business to stand out. An exceptional experience starts with efficient communication about promotions, appointments, and more.

Take advantage of texting for customer outreach. SMS has a sky-high open rate. In fact, the average SMS message is opened 98 percent of the time, compared to just 22 percent of emails. With these results, SMS can be used to reduce no shows, encourage appointment bookings, and promote seasonal deals. 

Spa promotional texts also reach your clients quickly. The average text is read within three minutes. As a result, use SMS to send seasonal discounts, share last-minute appointment openings, or encourage referrals. Overall, these spa promotional messages will help you book more appointments to drive revenue.

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How SMS for salons works

With SMS for salons, your business can reach customers with concise text messages on their mobile phones. With Textline, it’s simple to send your first SMS and execute a text message marketing strategy.

Salons and spas like yours use promotional texting to get more customers and fill appointment slots. Send personalized discounts, automate happy birthday texts, or schedule appointments via SMS.

Built not just for promotions, Textline also lets you set up automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. You can also send mass texts to your clients to try to fill a last-minute cancellation. Textline is also great for two-way texting, which allows you to respond to client questions and suggest treatments. You can even manage payments by sending a link to pay via SMS. Overall, SMS for salons is versatile.

Transform your salon with Textline's SMS features

<span class="text-center">From mass text notifications to built-in surveys, our texting solution will revolutionize salon communication and your bottom line. </span>

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Mass texting</a></h3>

Distribute bulk SMS notifications to let your customers know about cancellations, new service offerings, or a personalized offer. Mass texting is a great way to keep your client base informed about salon updates. 

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Appointment reminders</a></h3>

No-shows and missed appointments cost your salon, even if you charge a deposit. Cut down on no shows with automated text appointment reminders. Send them a confirmation SMS with helpful information about parking or instructions to enter the salon.

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Two-way texting</a></h3>

Don't just text hair and beauty updates to your clients; receive them too! Textline's two-way texting allows your clients to initiate a conversation with their beautician or hairdresser. Use two-way texting to answer client questions, help them reschedule, or request feedback. 

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Text surveys</a></h3>

The best salons and spas listen to their clients. Gather feedback and hear from your clients in real-time via text surveys. 

Use SMS surveys to follow up with a client at crucial touch points post treatment. This feedback lets you know if clients are happy with the service and provides insights into what you can improve. Use polls and surveys to make informed decisions, add new in-demand services, and discover what makes your business stand out. Surveys via SMS are invaluable.

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Automated texting</a></h3>

We know your salon gets busy, and communication with your clients takes time and energy. The good news is many revenue-creating promotional messages can be automated and scheduled in advance, freeing up your time for other activities.

Create, write, and schedule your salon text message marketing campaigns in advance. Then, sit back as Textline does the hard work for you. With Textline’s automations, you can set up auto-replies for when clients text you outside of business hours or when a lead requests more information from your website. You could also schedule appointment confirmation texts in advance or have them trigger to send after someone books an appointment online.

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Other text marketing use cases for salons and spas


of customers say appointment reminders are the most valuable texts to receive. — ZipWhip


of texts are opened, compared to 20% of emails. — SMS Comparison


of millennials avoid phone calls. — Bank My Cell

Simplified phone number registration for salons and spas

Any personal care businesses wanting to text customers must first register their phone numbers. This requirement was implemented in 2023 by mobile carriers to reduce spam texting. You can’t text your customers using an SMS platform without proper registration.

However, there’s no need to stress over proper phone registration. Textline helps businesses register their phone numbers properly. In fact, you can quickly fill out the required information on our platform. We have built-in forms that simplify registration for our customers.

Plus, you can test Textline features, create SMS templates, and set up automations while waiting for carrier approval.

Other text marketing use cases for salons and spas

Textline is an industry leader in salon text message marketing software. We know your industry, and our expert team can help your health and beauty business harness the power of SMS messaging. Below we share some key SMS use cases for salons and spas. 

Send special offers to attract new customers

Bring new customers to your salon with SMS outreach. Send special offers, introduce referral programs, and attract a new audience by communicating directly with them via SMS. 

Run ads showcasing your Textline number to encourage leads to reach out via text in exchange for a discount. This is also called a text keyword campaign. Salons can even host competitions via SMS or give first-time visitors a discount for their next visit. It's all possible with Textline.

Reschedule missed appointments 

We know the cost of missed appointments. 

Instead of leaving it to chance, help your clients reschedule their appointment with ease. A week or two before the appointment give clients the option to reschedule or cancel. Then, use Textline's mass texting feature to advertise last-minute spots and keep your calendar filled.

Streamline staff scheduling and internal operations

Textline isn't just for spa promotional messages. Use SMS to text hair stylists and beauticians internally. This can help increase operational efficiencies.

Need a stylist to cover a last-minute shift? Need to communicate an urgent message to staff? It's all possible via SMS. Wherever your team is, a text message is easy to receive and quick to read. It’s a faster way of communicating than email as texts get read within munutes. Keep your team in the know via text messages.  

Send alerts and updates 

Making changes to the salon? Offering a new service? Perhaps you need hair models, or your parking lot is under construction. Whatever the message, send text alerts to keep clients informed.

<span class="text-center">How to start text marketing with Textline</span>

It's easy to send SMS messages with Textline. Your text communication can be managed from one dashboard accessible via a desktop computer or laptop. It's never been simpler to send a salon or spa promotional message to your contact list. 

Textline is built to be user-friendly and instantly navigable. See how your salon can set up Textline's SMS salon solution in four easy steps. 

1. Set up your number

First, set up your number with Textline. If you have a phone number your clients know, you can text-enable that same number. But, if you don’t have a number, Textline can provide you one. Textline also allows you to manage multiple phone numbers in one convenient dashboard.

2. Create your departments

Now it's time to set up departments that replicate your internal business structure. For example, you could have one department for your hair stylists, one for your massage therapists, and another for your nail techs.

Textline is built for businesses like yours, and our platform is configurable. You can give team members access to the data and tools they need to communicate with clients.

3. Invite your team

The next step is inviting team members. When you send an invite, your teammates will be able to create an account. Remember, with Textline, you're in control of your data and what's seen by team members.  

Do you have team members that share a role, like a receptionist? You can set up Textline so these teammates can view all incoming messages and reply to any inquiries. 

4. Import your contacts

Before you send your first salon or spa promotional message, you must import your contacts into Textline. 

We've made it simple to upload your existing contacts. You can import your data through a CSV file, link your CRM system, or use Zapier to integrate with other contact lists.

Textline is fully customizable and is designed to be used out of the box, so the setup process is straightforward. Once your contacts are in the system, you can write and send your first message in just a few clicks.

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Why salons and spas can trust Textline

Textline is extremely easy to use. It helps us easily communicate with our customers And we have found that most of the time they prefer to text.

— Aaron W., Capterra

Overall I am very pleased with Textline. I have been using them for about a year and I love it! I am making more money because of them and I highly recommend their product.

— Jeff K., Capterra

This gave our company the opportunity to reach out to customers in a different way. We can cast a wider net, get quicker responses, and we discovered during the pandemic that some customers just prefer texting.

—Jennifer E., Capterra
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