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62 professional text message examples for businesses

Fatima Puri
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Sending a business text message can take a little more thought and planning than sending a personal one. If you aren’t sure how to text someone for the first time professionally, here are 62 professional text message examples for sales, support, logistics and operations, and medical business use cases to get you going.

Sales and marketing text message examples

From the second a customer fills out a lead form or signs up for a product update email to when they make a purchase, sales teams are there every step of the way on the customer journey. Below are 18 example sales text messages you might send as a professional in sales.

1. Scheduling a call with new lead 

Hi there, this is Liam from SparksServices, I saw you signed up for a free trial on our website. Can we set up a time for a phone call to walk through our product?

2. Following up with a lead who requests a price quote

Example of following up with a lead who request a price quote via text
A company follows up with a lead who requested a price quote.

3. Thank you text after an initial call

Hi Joe, thank you for taking the time for a call today. We’re excited to take next steps with you on your home renovation, we’ll check back in a few days once you’ve had some time to crunch the numbers.

4. Sending updates through the sales process

Hi Dylan, we have an update on your custom car order! The interior has been installed and looks 🔥. Next up is the new paint, we’re looking at 4 weeks until all is done and dusted!

5. Sending links to help the customer make a decision

Hi Tori, based on the kitchen trends you mentioned liking when we met yesterday in-store I mocked up a few options for you to check out. You can view them here:

6. Reminding a lead to sign their agreement

Congrats on your latest loan deal Sam! Please sign the loan agreement to finalize your offer.

7. Reminder to provide credit card/payment information

You’re almost done buying your new mattress and getting the best sleep of your life! Remember to enter your payment info to select a delivery date

8. Updating a lead/customer that a product is back in stock

Happy Monday Laura! I have good news, the shoes you inquired about are back in stock in your size. I set a pair aside for you to come pick up this week. 

9. Updating an existing account/customer about a new product

Larry, we just got this new bike in the shop and it is almost exactly what you were looking for last time you were here! I thought you might want to come check it out this week. 

10. Proactively reaching out to check if a repeat customer needs more supplies 

Hello Mike, we’re approaching the summer rush for barbecuing! Do you need to increase your wholesale order on propane for the coming months like usual?

11. Reminding a customer about an order deadline/timeline

Dear Geo, just a reminder that due the holiday on Monday all orders for next week must be placed by Friday afternoon to receive them by Wednesday. 

12. Collections

Nikki, we won’t be able to fill your next order of restaurant supplies if you don’t pay for the last one. You’ve got three more days to make the payment here: Please text with any questions!

13. Asking an existing lead/customer if they’ll be attending an industry-wide event

Hi Burt, will you be at the HomeTech convention this summer? We’d love to have you stop by our booth to update you on the latest smart thermostat innovation we’ve developed.

14. Inviting a customer to a customer appreciation event

Hi Donna, to celebrate five years in business we’re having a family-friendly cookout and massive sales event on Saturday, July 18! We’ll have a bounce house, food, games, and sales!

15. Reminding a lead about a store event they signed up for

Hi Donna, don’t forget our anniversary event and sale is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to  2 p.m.! See you there.

16. VIP shopper alerts to new product in stock

Joan, we just got in new Gucci bags a week before they’re going on sale. Can you come in this week to see them before anyone else does?!

17. Communicating with an apartment hunter

Hi Carly, I found some two-bedroom apartments in your price range, but these have been going quick. Would you be able to see them tonight at 5 p.m.?

18. Subscription or contract renewal

Larkin, your subscription is scheduled to renew July 7th, please login and cancel your phone plan before that if you wish to not pay for another year of service.

Support text message examples

Support teams are at the frontline of customer service. A good support team is on top of their communication to set proper customer expectations and keep their customers happy. Here are some templates of professional text messages that support teams commonly send. 

19. Store hours

Thanks for contacting Harvey’s Sporting Goods! Our hours are Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We’ll get back to you during business hours.

20. Damaged product

Hi, Dan. I’m sorry to hear that your new desk arrived damaged. Can you send me a photo of the dent?

21. Troubleshooting with a list of instructions

Hi, Darla. We heard you were having issues with your dresser. Can you try these steps and let me know if it fixes the problem?

 1. Take out all of the drawers

 2. Carefully add one drawer at a time, starting with the bottom drawer and working your way up

22. Troubleshooting for deliveries

Hi, there! It seems your order was shipped but UPS never updated the tracking information. We can reship the item to you at no cost.

23. Update on issue

Hi, Taylor. It’s Clarence from Fresh Eats. I reached out to our team about your last produce box, and we can fully return your order and free credits for your next box. Does that work for you?

24. Product question

We recommend avoiding using that product on real wood as wood requires special care. We have a real wood spray that we sell on our site:

25. Question about a product in stock

Text example of answering a question about a product in stock
A customer inquires about a product in stock to a support agent.

26. Follow-up on an issue

Hi, Stella. Mark here from Out of the Box Vending. I wanted to check in on your repair. Are you still experiencing issues with your office vending machine?

27. Follow-up on a recent purchase

Hi, Hannah. It’s Martha from Better Sleep Solutions. How is the new mattress treating you?

28. Follow-up post-call

Hi Tina, it’s Gary. Here’s a link to the help center I mentioned in our call. Feel free to text me here if you need anything 😊

29. Proactively updating customers on issues

The Trench is experiencing shipping delays from our vendor, so we won’t be able to deliver on Friday. We will keep you posted when we resume service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

30. Follow-up post poor review/survey results

Hi, Sonia. It’s Maddox from Dolly’s Nail Salon. We’re so sorry to hear about your poor experience at our Rundberg store. We spoke to our nail tech and she says she can reschedule you for a replacement acrylic set. Please let me know if that works for you.

31. Ask for a review/survey

Hey, Laura! Thank you for allowing me to help you with your insurance questions today. If you were happy with today’s service, would you be open to taking a short customer satisfaction survey? It really helps us improve our service  

Logistics and operations text message examples

Logistics and operations teams commonly communicate internally with staff and externally with customers, so they have plenty of conversations on their plates. Here are some professional text message examples that your logistics and operations team might find to be helpful templates. 

32. Internal announcement

Hey, team. There is a closure on 15th st, so come down Brazos and park in the open lot near the construction site. Please hold on to your parking tickets for reimbursement. You can submit reimbursement requests to Jaquel at

33. New shift announcement

We’re looking for a nurse to pick up a shift at Baylor Clinic off of Tech Ridge on 7/25 from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Please text back to claim by 9 p.m. on Friday.

34. Last-minute open shift 

Hey, team. We have a last-minute open shift to work parking lot security at a Windsor event off 6th. 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. We’re paying time and a half for anyone who can pick it up. Is anyone interested?

35. Sending location details 

Hey, Sheila. Here is the location of tonight’s event. You can park in the same parking lot and keep your ticket for reimbursement. Check-in with Andre once you’re there.

36. Sending a shift reminder

Hey, Taylor. A reminder that you signed up to work a wedding tonight at The Driskill at 5 p.m. Can you please confirm you can still make it?

37. Communicating a change in service time

Hi, Darla. I’m running a delivery for The Local Mart but I’m stuck in bad traffic. I might be up to an hour late. - Thomas

38. Dispatcher updating driver on an important job detail

Thomas, make sure to park on the east side of the building when you arrive. The store manager will be out of the office, but his assistant will be there to collect the delivery. Can you please text back an image of the receipt signature?

39. Curbside pickup

Hi Chelsea, your order from Floral Figures is ready for pickup! Please park in one of our in-store pickup spots and text us the parking spot number and we will bring it out to your vehicle

40. Delivery confirmation

Hi, it’s Megan from A- Z Deliveries. We have a sofa scheduled to be delivered to your residence between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow. Will you be home to accept the delivery?

41. Reschedule an appointment

We are able to reschedule your tour for the Madison Luxury Apartments tomorrow at 1 p.m. Please confirm if this time works for you.

42. Status update request

Text example of giving an operational status update
A team member asks for a status update on an order.

43. Asking a job applicant for more information

Hey, Andy! It’s Susie from Merry Candles. We got your application, but we need you to fill out the employment history section before we can accept it. app.portal/76594 

44. Confirming information with a customer

Hi, Sandy. This is Hilary from Pesky Pests No More. Can our pest control specialist park in your driveway for your service today?

45. Requesting a photo of the job site 

Hi, Tyrek. It’s Gary from Texas Carpet Cleaners. We got your quote inquiry about your carpet cleaning. Can you send us a photo of the area you want to clean?

Medical business text message examples

Using texting for a medical business can be HIPAA compliant when done with the right platform and done the right way. There are many ways to use business text messaging to enhance your patient communication in a safe and secure way. Here are some examples of medical business professional text message templates. 

46. Appointment confirmation

Hi Nell, your six-month cleaning is scheduled for Thursday, November 21 at 3 p.m.  

47. Appointment reminder 

Hi Tim, your appointment is Thursday at 3 p.m., does this time still work for you?

48. Schedule checkup

Hi Sara, this is Family Primary Care, it’s been almost a year since your last physical, would you like to schedule your annual checkup? 

49. Answer questions

Thanks for coming in for your visit today, you’ve been prescribed amoxicillin, take two by mouth every 12 hours until you run out. Text us with any other questions.

50. Refill prescription orders

Hi Tarin, you’ve used your last refill for your Tretinoin prescription, would you like us to set up a telehealth check in with Dr. Haliday to refill your script?

51. Share photos of physical therapy exercises

Great job today Emily! Here are your physical therapy exercises to work on this week, text us with any questions [attach photo or pdf here]

52. Test results available in a portal

Hi Meg M. Your test results are available in your patient portal with Family Care. Go to to sign in and view the test results.

53. Test results

Hi Ivan, your test results from Horizon Diagnostics are attached as a pdf below. 

54. Ask a patient for an update

Asking a patient for a health update via text
A surgery center follows up with a patient post-surgery.

55. Office safety protocol updates

Hi Ava, We have new safety protocols. Please text us when you arrive for your appointment and please be sure you’re wearing a face mask for our safety and yours!

56. Evaluate the condition of a patient

Hi Mona, if your hives don’t improve or subside by tonight please go to urgent care for a stronger antihistamine. 

57. Payment reminder

Hi Maisy, this is a payment reminder for your latest visit with Dr. Lorn, please call us to make a payment or use the patient portal before payment is due in five days.

58. Sending bill after a visit with payment portal

Hi David, thanks for coming into Family Primary Care today, you can pay your co-pay in our patient portal at 

59. Office hours

Our hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon.- Fri. If you need to speak with the on-call doctor outside of those hours please call 248-357-1234. 

60. Surveys

How satisfied are you with your recent visit to our office? Please rank the care you received on a scale of 1 to 10 (One being the worst and 10 being the best.) 

61. New patient intake form

Hi Tom, your appointment is confirmed for July 10 at 9 a.m. Before your visit please fill out the new patient intake form in the patient portal here:

62. How is your prescription working

Hi Nora, it’s been eight weeks since you started your new eczema treatment. How is it going? Please upload any progress photos to the patient portal

Best practices for sending professional text messages

Before you pick one of these professional text message examples to send, be sure you’ve brushed up on the best practices for sending professional text messages as well. There are some dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind to make your business texts as successful as possible. 

When writing your business texts, be sure to follow some basic rules:

  • Make sure your customers have opted into receiving messages from you
  • Always introduce yourself
  • Be considerate of your customers time
  • Make your call to action clear and concise
  • Try to keep it to 160 characters, or your text might get split into multiple messages

If you follow these general guidelines and use the examples above to kick off your business text messaging with customers, you should be getting responses in no time. To learn more about how professional text messages can help improve your response rates, boost retention, and convert more leads, check out our blog.

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