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29 SMS templates for any business offering customer service

Nina Godlewski
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The term “customer service” can encompass so many different forms of communication that your business has to field on a daily basis. It might be answering questions about store hours, updating customers on order status, answering product questions, solving a problem, taking an order, and more.

To help you do that, there’s customer service business text messaging. But where to begin? There are so many different customer service SMS templates you could need on any given day. We’re going to cover some of them in this article so you can be prepared.

Customer service SMS templates for any business to use

Here are just a few examples of how you might use an SMS customer service platform as part of your customer service workflow.


Using business SMS for logistics for your business frees up your team for handling the most important customer requests and keeps you compliant.

1. Text message opt-in

[business name] would like to send you text messages about your order status. Please reply Yes if you’d like to receive order updates via SMS.

2. Text message opt-out

Thanks for making a reservation at [business name]. Please respond Yes to opt-in to messages from us, and No to opt-out.

3. Appointment confirmation

Hi [customer/patient name], you are confirmed for an appointment on [date] at [time].

4. Appointment reminder

Hi [customer/patient name], are you still able to make your appointment at [business or provider name] for [appointment time]? We would be happy to reschedule if not.

5. Reschedule appointment

Thank you for letting us know that you can’t make it to your appointment tomorrow, would you like to reschedule?

6. Scheduling a call

Hi [customer name], are you available for a phone call today at [time] to go over [call reason]?

7. Order number

Customer service SMS template for requesting an order number
A template of a customer requesting their order number.

8. After hours (automated message)

Thanks for texting [business name]. We are currently closed. Our hours are [business hours]. We will answer your message next time we are open.

9. Handoff to account manager

Hello [customer name], we’re so glad you’re now a customer. To assist you on your customer journey, I will pass you on to your account manager [name].

10. Directing customer to appropriate department

Hi [name], I’d be happy to help you with this issue. To help you best, I’m going to redirect your messages to our [other department].


Your customer service team might also get general inquiries from customers that are easiest to respond to via text. Here are some examples.

11. Question about product

SMS template for a customer question about a product
An example of sending a customer the link to a product.

12. Thank you

Thank you for choosing [business name]! We look forward to working with you.

13. Sale reminder

[Customer name], remember our [event name] ends on [end date]! Come to the store before then for the best deals on all things home improvement.

14. Price question

SMS template for a customer's price question
A template of sending a customer the price and link to a current product.

15. Return/refund

Hi [customer name], we received your return for the [item], and we have issued a refund of [refund amount] to your payment method.

Missing information

You might find that sometimes your customers are missing information about their orders or that they haven’t completely filled out their profiles or order information. You can fix this by using SMS to remedy any missing info and share links or photos where necessary.

16. Tracking update

Hi [customer name], we saw your tracking information hadn’t been updated yet. Be assured, we shipped your order on [date shipped], and it’s on its way to you. We will update you when we have more information.

17. Photo request

Hi there, in order to complete your refund request we need an accompanying photo of [item photo is needed of]. Please send it along at your earliest convenience, and again we’re sorry for the problem.

18. Missing profile info

Hi [customer name], please finish filling out your profile with [business name]. We need your [information needed] by [date needed] or we will have to [consequences]. Thank you!

19. Account renewing, payment info needed

[customer name], your subscription is set to renew on [date] but we noticed that your payment method is expired, please update it by your renewal date or call us at [phone number]


There will be times when your customer support team has to solve a problem quickly for a customer. Here are some troubleshooting templates to help you speed up the process.

20. Unhappy customer (general)

We're so sorry to hear that you did not have a great experience with [issue]. We'd love to get you the best resolution. Please give us [time frame] to investigate this further.

21. Requesting photo of issue

Hi [customer name], I understand you’re having some issues with your [product]. Can you please send me a photo of it and explain what’s going on so I can help you further?

22. Order arriving today

The day is here! Keep an eye out for your package from [business name] in the mail today. It’s currently out for delivery.

23. Confirming delivery time

Hi [customer name], your [item name] is arriving today! You can expect delivery between [arrival window]

24. Missing/wrong item in order

SMS template for a missing/wrong item in order
A template of resolving an issue for a customer.

25. Sharing receipt

Thanks for your order! Your receipt can be found here at this unique link [link to receipt]

26. Directing a customer to help center website

I’m sorry you’re having this issue [customer name]. Can you please click this link and follow the directions for [setup]? Then let me know if the issue is resolved.

Customer feedback

An important part of customer service is customer feedback. It helps make your business better and keep your customers happier.

27. Surveys

Hi [customer name] On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our [services] to a friend?

28. Following up to confirm resolution

[customer name], thank you for contacting customer service today. Was your problem solved?

29. Do you need anything else?

Hi [customer name], your [replacement item] should be arriving today. When it does, please let me know if it’s arrived in good condition and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Note: The variables mentioned in this article are not specific to Textline. If you’re a Textline customer looking to learn more about using variables in your customer service and automated messages, check out our Help Center article on variables.

Best practices for using customer service text messaging

If you’re using text messaging for customer service, you should gear your communication toward your customer. Their experience is your main focus, so here are a few tips for creating the best experience possible.

  1. Get opt-ins from your customers. Be sure they have agreed to let you text them and that they’ve explicitly agreed to get customer service messages.
  2. Offer an opt-out. Make sure your customers know they can opt-out of getting messages from you.
  3. Do not text them unless you have relevant information about their customer service experience.
  4. Keep your messages to typical business hours. No late night or early morning messages, be considerate of their time.
  5. Let them know that message rates do apply.

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