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Order confirmation SMS examples + templates to implement

Alia Paavola
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Imagine you made an online purchase and didn’t receive confirmation. The anxiety and concern that your payment wasn’t successful or that you just got scammed would be overwhelming. No business owner wants their customers to feel this way. That's why understanding the importance of order confirmation SMS is crucial for your business.

You can use an order confirmation message to keep customers up-to-date and stress-free. In this article, we discuss using text messaging to send order confirmations. Specifically, we discuss why brands should use order confirmation texts and 30 templates your business can use.

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<h2 id="What">What is an order confirmation SMS?</h2>

An order confirmation SMS is a transactional text message businesses send customers to provide critical purchase updates. It serves as a digital acknowledgment of a successful transaction. Often, these messages trigger automatically after a customer places an order.

An order confirmation SMS example.

<h2 id="Why">Why use order confirmation texts?</h2>

There are many reasons businesses send order confirmation texts. Let’s dive into some of the top reasons.

  • Enhance customer experience. Customers want transparency in their orders and purchases. Order confirmation messages help reduce customer anxiety because they know their purchase was successful.

  • Immediate communication. Text messages are delivered and read quickly. Most texts are read within three minutes of receipt, which ensures customers get their order confirmations immediately.

  • Streamline order update. Businesses can automate SMS order confirmations with the right platform. This can help reduce manual tasks and save your team from consistently answering questions about a customer’s order status.

  • Ensure your message is read. Texting has a sky-high open rate of 98 percent. On the other hand, emails have an open rate of 20 percent. This makes it more likely that your order confirmation message is seen.
  • Improve record keeping. Customers can use order confirmation text messages as digital records. Many of these texts include order confirmation numbers, so it’s easy for them to get in touch about any issues or questions about the order. This can improve overall record-keeping for customers and your business.

<h2 id="Templates">30 order update SMS templates + examples</h2>

Businesses can send several types of order update text messages. For example, you can send an order confirmation text after a successful purchase, when an item ships, upon delivery, or when your business receives a return. All of these are critical order updates that help keep customers informed.

Ready to improve your customer communication? We've got you covered with several SMS order confirmation templates and examples for each type of order update. You can easily customize these SMS order update samples for your business, making them a valuable resource for your customer communication strategy.

10 order confirmation SMS templates

Order confirmation texts are sent immediately after purchase to confirm that an order has been received. They typically include an order number and a brief thank you message.

Hi [name]! Thanks for your purchase from [company]. Your order [order number] is confirmed. We’ll send you the tracking link when your order ships.

[Company]: [Name] we’ve received your order! We know you’re going to love it. You’ll receive another text when your order ships. Order number [#number]

[Name], you’re all set for [event] on [date]. This text serves as your ticket. No need to print!

[Company]: Thanks for choosing [company]! Here’s your order number for your records: [#number]

Woohoo! Your order from [company] is confirmed 🎉 Your confirmation number is [#number]. We’ll text you as soon as it ships.

An order confirmation text example.

[Company]: We got it! We’re processing your order [#number]. We’ll be in touch when your items ship. Thanks for your business.

Thank you for placing your order with [company]. We’ve received your order [confirmation number] and will begin processing shortly.

Thanks for shopping with [company]. We've received your order [number]. When the order ships, we'll send you a text with tracking details.

Thanks for placing an order with [company]. We’re preparing it now. We’ll let you know when its out for delivery. It should arrive in [X minutes].

[Company]: Hello, [name], thank you for shopping with us! We’ll send a confirmation text when your order [#number] ships.

10 order shipment SMS samples

Order shipment confirmations notify customers when their orders ship. They often include tracking information and an expected delivery date.

[Company]: Yay! We’ve shipped your order. Track your package here: [link]

Your order has shipped! Track your order [#number] from [company] using this link: [link] 

Your order is on its way! [Carrier] is en route to drop off your order from [business]. See you soon!

Your package has shipped! It will be dropped off by [date]. We’ll update you as soon as it arrives. Keep tabs on your order here: [link]

[Company]: We’ve shipped your items. Your package should arrive by [date]. View tracking details here: [link]

An order shipment confirmation text example

[Company]: It’s on its way! USPS is working its magic. Your order should arrive soon. Track your package now: [link]

Hi [name], your [purchased item] is in the mail. It’s estimated to arrive on [date]. Text STOP to opt out.

[Company]: Great news! Your order is on its way to you. Feel free to track your package here: [link]

Your [company] order is on its way. Log into your account to view tracking details. Text STOP to opt out.

Cue the confetti 🎉 Your [company] order is on its way. We’ll text you again when it’s delivered.

5 delivery confirmation SMS examples

These confirmation text messages are sent when an order arrives. These serve as a digital confirmation that the order was delivered to the address on file.

[Company]: Hi [name]. It’s here! Your package has been delivered. We’d love your feedback: [link] Reply STOP to opt out.

Your [items] from [company] were delivered. View more details at: [link]

[Company]: Delivered! [Item name] is here. Come grab your order at the door. Reply STOP to opt out.

Your [company] order has been delivered. Please click here to view the delivery photo and leave feedback: [link]

Items in order [number] were delivered. We hope you enjoy them! Visit this link for more details: [link]

An order delivery confirmation text from Wayfair.

5 return confirmation SMS templates

These return confirmation messages inform customers that their return is in the mail or successfully processed. If applicable, they include details about a refund amount.

[Company]: We’ve received your return and are processing your refund. Please allow up to [X] days for your refund to be issued. 

[Company]: We’ve processed your return for order [number]. You should see a refund of [amount] to your original form of payment within [X] days.

[Company]: We received your return! Thanks for shipping your items back to us. Your store credit has been added to your account.

Hi [name]! Your return is on its way back. Once we get it and process it, we’ll issue your refund.

[Company]: Hi [name]. We’re processing your return. You can expect a refund of [amount] within [X] business days.

An order return SMS example.

<h2 id="Best">Order update SMS best practices</h2>

To reap the benefits of order update texting, keep these best practices in mind.

  • Focus on timeliness. When it comes to sending order confirmations, the timeliness of your texts is of the utmost importance. Since these texts confirm that an order was placed successfully, sending them immediately can help ease a customer’s anxiety.

  • Automate the workflow. One of the best ways to ensure timely message delivery is to automate your order confirmation workflows. This can be done by integrating an SMS platform with your existing tools or setting up an API configuration.

  • Get SMS opt-ins. You must get consent to text your contacts for order updates. You can get this opt-in from a web form, physical order form, verbally, or by having them text you first.
An order update SMS opt-in example.
  • Provide necessary details. Order updates serve as a digital confirmation of a purchase and its status. You should provide helpful and necessary information in your texts so customers feel informed and have the right information in case they need help with an order. For example, you should include an order number upon confirmation and a way to track an order. SMS links are a great way to get information to customers.

  • Keep messages short. Order confirmation SMS messages should be clear and concise. This ensures a customer reads and understands the message. Plus, a standard text message is limited to 160 characters which makes it important to stay brief.

  • Personalize the message. Any customer communication should feel personalized. Make a conscious effort to add a first name or a specific order detail to a message to make it more personal.

  • Introduce your brand. Remember to add your brand name to your text message. This ensures customers know that your company is messaging them.

Provide better customer service with SMS order confirmations

Order confirmation messages provide transparency into the status of any purchase. When sending these messages, consider using SMS for its speed and high open rates.

To execute these order confirmation campaigns, you must pick a reliable and scalable SMS platform. Textline is a great choice as it helps businesses execute SMS order confirmations flawlessly. Set up scheduled messages or connect your existing tools to our platform to automate your order confirmation texting workflow.

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