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What is a text-enabled landline?

A text-enabled landline allows you to send and receive text messages using your existing voice-only phone number. Enabling SMS will not affect your voice calls. The voice capabilities will remain with your existing phone carrier, and the SMS provider will host text functionality. 

Once a landline number has the ability to send texts and receive them, you will manage the new communication channel with any device that connects to the internet. This can include a mobile device, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. 

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What are some benefits of a text-enabled landline?

Meet customer preferences

Customers want to text businesses. In fact, 90 percent of customers would rather text a business than call them. Plus, 77 percent of customers have a positive perception of businesses that offer texting as a communication channel.

Manage more customer conversations

With a typical landline phone, you can only handle one customer conversation at a time. With a landline phone with texting capabilities, you can handle multiple conversations simultaneously from a single dashboard.

Cut down time on the phone

Phone conversations can be time-consuming. Adding a communication tool like texting can cut down the amount of time your staff spends on the phone.

Ensure customers get your messages

The majority of Americans ignore phone calls from unknown numbers. But texts have a 98 percent open rate. This will ensure more customers will see your message.

Textline’s stand-out features to know

Many business SMS platforms on the market can text-enable your current phone number. But you’ll still need to choose the best platform for your business needs. Below we share a few key capabilities to look for.

Text-enabling capabilities

<div class="platform__mb40">If you want to use your existing phone number, make sure your sms service provider can text-enable it. This includes if you want to use a landline, VoIP, or toll-free number.</div>

SMS dashboard

<div class="platform__mb40">Look for a text messaging service that makes it easy to manage all inbound and outbound texts from a user-friendly SMS dashboard.</div>

Compliance prioritization

<div class="platform__mb40">The right texting service will help you register your phone number and stay compliant with SMS regulations. This includes providing updates about changes and guidelines to follow.</div>

Mass texting

<div class="platform__mb40">Save your team time and effort with a platform that offers bulk texting. This ensures you can send one message to many customers at the same time to keep them informed.</div>

Seamless opt-in and opt-out

<div class="platform__mb40">You want a provider that makes it easy for SMS contacts to opt-in and out. Without this capability, you may be illegally texting your customers.</div>

SMS templates

<div class="platform__mb40">Don't waste time typing the same message over and over. Instead, make sure you can create templates for some of your most frequent text messages. This can include FAQs like: What are your business hours?</div>

MMS messaging

<div class="platform__mb40">A picture often is worth a thousand words. Picking a provider that supports picture messages can help you speed up otherwise lengthy conversations. For example, you can ask a customer to send in a photo of a damaged product.</div>

Auto-reply capabilities

<div class="platform__mb40">Make sure your SMS provider supports auto-replies. Consider this a voicemail for the texting portion. For example, if a customer texts your landline after hours, you can have an automatic response that says you will reply tomorrow.</div>

Message scheduling

<div class="platform__mb40">Do you have messages that you want to send to customers days or weeks in advance? If so, look for a provider that allows you to schedule text messages.</div>


<div class="platform__mb40">Cut some of the manual steps out of texting with automations. For example, trigger an automated text message to send when a customer books an appointment.</div>

Secure messaging

<div class="platform__mb40">You want your messages protected. Pick a secure texting provider that can encrypt your messages and data to protect customers. This is especially important if you are text-enabling a phone number in the healthcare or financial services space.</div>

Easy contact management

<div class="platform__mb40">Make sure you can easily manage your address book. This includes being able to easily upload or remove contacts.</div>

Why choose Textline for landline texting

Textline is a leading business texting platform with features to help businesses scale communication. Textline can text-enable existing business phone numbers so companies can start texting. But Textline is the go-to platform for other reasons, too, including:

Unmatched security

Textline takes pride in its enterprise-grade security. Our platform is the most secure business texting platform on the market, and we follow advanced protocols to protect customer data.

Unparalleled support

Textline’s support team is here to help. If you have questions about text-enabling your landline, our expert team is just a text, chat, or email away. We’ll help you get set up quickly.

Built for teams

Textline is the best platform for teams. It allows multiple users to jump in and manage text conversations easily.

Customer-driven innovation

We regularly add new integrations, features, and enhancements based on customer feedback. We’re committed to continuously improving our product for customers.

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How businesses use their text-enabled landline

Businesses across all industries use landline text messages to communicate with their contacts. Here are a few examples.

Customer support

Businesses use their text-enabled line to reply to customers who need help solving an issue.

Customer service

Reply to inquiries quickly to boost the customer experience and encourage repeat business.

Reach leads quicker

Send a text to reach potential customers quickly. Consider sending a text after a customer fills out a form fill on your website.

SMS marketing

Some businesses have turned to SMS marketing with their landline number. Use it to promote various deals or new products to customers.

Event reminders

Use landline texting to remind customers about upcoming events.

Account management

Use your text-enabled landline to reach out to customers to check in about a recent service or purchase.

Appointment reminders

Send customers appointment reminders to cut down on no-shows.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Send surveys like NPS or CSAT to get a pulse on how customers feel about your company.

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Landline texting frequently asked questions

What happens if customers text a business landline that isn't text enabled?

Nothing will happen if you don't have your landline text-enabled or have a text-to-landline service set up. The message will not be delivered and customers who text in expecting a response will not get one.

Whats the difference between a text-to-landline service and a text-enabled landline?

A text-to-landline service turns SMS messages into voice messages and delivers them to landline phones. This landline texting service doesn't have an interface or inbox for reading or responding to text messages. On the other hand, a text-enabled landline accepts text-based messages and delivers them to a unified inbox. The text-enabling service will have an interface where you can send SMS and receive SMS.

How do I manage text messages from a landline phone?

Once you text-enable your landline, you can manage inbound and outbound messages from any device with internet access. This includes using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Do I need any hardware to text-enable my landline?

No. You do not need additional hardware to text-enable your landline. You just need to sign up for a Textline account and start the text-enabling process. If you have any questions about it the Textline team is happy to help.

Will my phone call functionality be affected?

No! The voice capabilities of your landline will remain the same. They will still be offered by your existing carrier. Textline will simply host SMS functionality on your number.

Can I text-enable other phone numbers like a VoIP or an 800 number?

Yes! Textline can almost always text-enable your existing phone numbers. There are just different steps to follow if it is a VoIP or a toll-free 800 number. If you have any questions about if Textline can text-enable your existing business number, our customer service team is ready to help. Just text us at: (415) 849-4349.

How much does it cost to text-enable a phone number?

It doesn't cost anything extra to text-enable an existing phone number when you sign up for a Textline account. To view our pricing plans, click here.

Can I mass text using my landline phone number?

Once your landline is text-enabled with Textline, yes! Your landline number will have access to the same features we offer customers who sign up to receive a new texting number with us.

Can I send photos, links, PDFs, or other multimedia from my text-enabled landline phone?

Yes! Keep in mind that adding these items to a text would make it a multimedia message, or MMS.

Is landline texting for business legal?

Yes! Landline texting is legal. But, there are a few rules to keep in mind. To comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, make sure you get consent to text. This means getting an opt-in. Opt-ins can be obtained by customers texting you first or filling out a form. Additionally, include a way to opt-out. Read our eight-step compliance checklist for more information.

What if I want a separate business texting number?

If you want a new number to text with, Textline can provide you with one. Additionally, if you want more than one number, we can also make that happen.

What are some best practices for business texting?

There are several best practices to keep in mind when texting professionally. Here are a few:

  • Keep the message short and to the point. Texting is limited to 160 characters. As a result, only include the necessary details.
  • Be mindful of the frequency. Don't send too many text messages to your contacts. This will increase the chances of them unsubscribing.
  • Send the text during business hours. No one wants to wake up from a text in the middle of the night. Make sure you send messages during typical business hours.
  • Introduce yourself in the text. Ensure your contacts know who the text is from by introducing yourself or your business.
  • Always get an opt-in and allow opt-outs. Before you start texting customers, make sure they consent to receive SMS messages. Also, ensure there is an easy way to opt-out of messages at any time.
  • Personalize when possible. Since you are messaging customers on their personal mobile devices, making the message personal will go a long way. Include at a minimum the contacts first name in the message.

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