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Add Textline to your toolkit to improve communication throughout the sales process. Your leads want quick and convenient communication, and texts have a higher response rate than phone calls or emails. Build trust and create stronger relationships with potential customers—a personal approach converts more leads.


increase in conversions due to texting with a qualified sales lead.


of business leads would rather receive a text message than a phone call.


of people currently use text messaging for business purposes.


of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

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“Time is our most valuable resource, and we were able to shorten the amount of time that people spent trying to follow up by a lot. You can send 10 shortcut text messages in a minute, where it might take you a minute or 30 to 45 seconds to get through to someone's voicemail.”

—Regional Marketing Manager, National Real Estate Company

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Learn why thousands of companies picked Textline over the competition and love using us to communicate with their customers every day.

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Mobilize your pipeline

Your prospects prefer texting. Stop wasting time on cold calls and emails. Fill your pipeline faster.

Bring in more leads, in less time

Reach out to more people and make it easy for customers to contact you when they’re interested. Easier communication means more conversions.

Be the first to respond

Buyers often choose the vendor that responds first. Texting lets you get in touch faster when customers reach out through phone, email, and lead forms.

Text throughout the sales cycle

Use Textline to follow up with leads, send reminders, schedule phone calls and demos, and more. After the sale, use texting to keep building relationships.

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Earn commission for referrals

Become an Affiliate Partner today and get paid for each customer you bring to Textline. You’ll earn a 20 percent recurring commission.

Proven results: How Textline drove sales success

Mathnasium, an American educational brand and math tutoring franchise, boosted its conversion rate to 28 percent after implementing Textline into its sales process.

Before adding SMS, Mathnasium relied on phone calls and emails to connect with new leads. However, the company noticed that prospects were slow to respond or not responding at all. As a result, the company wanted a communication channel that would allow its sales team to connect with interested leads more easily and quickly. 

The results? Student enrollment numbers increased after implementing SMS.

Win as a team

Our tools make it easy to share information with colleagues, so that your team can collaborate better.

Your team’s rolodex

Keep all of your contacts and a record of every customer in one place. Your team can even leave notes about customers.

Work across departments

Set up multiple departments to reflect how your company is organized. It’s easy to get answers from another team when you need help closing a deal.

Improve internal communication

Use whispers, or private notes within the Textline application, to communicate with colleagues, or use them to train new agents.

Divide your team’s workload

Use claiming or transfers to assign conversations to other team members, depending on their area of expertise.

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Compliant conversation, through and through

Confidently text customers and leads with compliance on your side. Textline prioritizes security for your sales team.

Perfect your sales process

Monitor and analyze data that you can use to fine-tune your team’s sales workflow. Meet your sales goals, and then exceed them.

Optimize your team’s workflow

Monitor analytics to review sales representatives’ performance and identify texting best practices.

Automate your text campaigns

Text campaigns require less work to set up than email campaigns. Save even more time by automating your process with scheduled messages and message templates.

An easier way to qualify leads

Text your leads to move them from one stage of the funnel to the next. Turn leads into sales qualified leads.

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