Math learning center uses Textline to increase leads.

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Mathnasium is an educational center that offers customized in-person and live, face-to-face online math tutoring for kids K-12. They get a wide variety of students, but many are kids that are struggling with math because they are lacking foundational knowledge. The program first assesses kids to find out what they know and then creates individual learning plans that address their knowledge gaps. Lynette Groves, the owner of eight Mathnasium franchises in Arizona, bought her first Mathnasium franchise in 2010 with her husband. A former math teacher, she liked that Mathnasium taught math in a way that made sense to kids, not through algorithmic learning or rote memorization.
increase in conversion rate from new lead to new student

The Problem

They wanted to add a communication channel that would help them get more leads and increase response rates from existing customers. They also wanted to use message templates for efficiency and the ability to create different numbers for each of their franchises and to make texts look like they were coming from their center’s landline without having to get another phone number for texting. 

The Solution

The benefit of texting is that they are able to contact clients or leads through an additional channel, rather than just email and phone. Their centers will try all three methods—texting, phone, and email—when trying to make contact with a lead. Some people are more likely to respond to a text and rarely check email or answer the phone, and texts are more convenient because they can be answered anywhere at any time. 

The numbers

They noticed an increase in enrollment numbers after implementing Textline in September at the beginning of the school year. Their conversion rate from new lead to new student grew to 28 percent after implementing Textline.

“All I can say is that we have more people responding to texts who would have taken longer to make contact with. We have noticed the difference.”
—Lynette Groves, owner of multiple Mathnasium franchise locations

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