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Austin, TX
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Customer Experience
It’s Time Texas is a nonprofit organization that serves the state of Texas. Their mission is to prevent long-term diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and obesity. Their programs provide participants with free or low-cost resources and tools that help educate and empower them to make better health choices. Their goal is to find long-term solutions that will affect future generations, both on the individual level and in terms of structural change. They meet participants at health events, and some people are referred to them through hospitals or health organizations.
response rate (compared to 40 percent before using Textline)
drop-off rate (compared to 60 percent before using Textline)

The problem

Their coaches were having trouble connecting with people who were interested in their Living Healthier program. The initiative provides consultative telehealth over the phone to motivate participants and boost their confidence so that they can create their own health programs and set their own health goals. They would call interested participants to set up an introductory phone call and later schedule an in-depth interview. It often took multiple phone calls and voicemails to get through to people. That's because many people wouldn’t answer the phone.

The solution

They have seen both improved response rates when they reach out to new people and decreased drop-out rates for program participants. It is easier for their coaches to set up appointments, send appointment reminders, and periodically check in with participants. They are able to create a better rapport with participants, because texting lets them communicate more frequently and send motivational messages that help people feel engaged. There’s only three coaches covering the entire state, and now they are able to serve more people because Textline allows them to work more efficiently and coordinate better as a team.

“Besides having a health coach, they have a friend; they have someone that is dependable, that talk to them every week, and they share different things. And even if the phone time is broken up a little bit over time, it's the situations that help them to feel connected. And they open up a lot.”

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