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Announcements allow users to send bulk text messages instead of wasting time with manual copy and paste.
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More Announcements features

Conversation status

Choose to resolve any of the Conversations created from your Announcement or leave the new Conversation open.

Conversation assignment

Allow agents to take over and manage the Conversations for the Announcement recipients by assigning any associated Conversations to an Agent.

Announcement stats

Our bulk text messaging software allows you to track announcement performance with stats on replies, unsubscribes, delivery errors, and more

Conversation between customer and agent regarding a Announcement stats

Who uses Announcements?

Customer support
Account management
1-800 Got Junk logo

1-800-GOT-JUNK uses Announcements to set out-of-office messages, that way customers know they aren’t being ignored and that they’ll get a response when the office is open again.

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Able Health uses Announcements to securely communicate with home health aids about office events, office closings, emergencies, software updates, and more.

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