Healthcare company uses announcements to securely communicate with home health aids.

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Able Health is a home health care agency that provides home health services and support for families with developmental disabilities. Their offerings include home health aide care, therapy, skilled nursing, medical social work, and nutritional counseling. Their staff consists of about 200 admin workers and 1600 field workers in different locations across the U.S.
staff members receive their announcements through Textline

The problem

The company had been considering using a business texting solution for years. They chose Textline because other products required that users download an app on their phone to send messages. They were finding that staff rarely check or open their emails. All of their locations have a branch manager and several office coordinators who communicate with field staff mostly by phone, with limited texting, and also through email newsletters.

The solution

After implementing Textline, their branch managers and office coordinators started using it to text in-home field workers. They have used Textline’s announcements tool to send reminders about office holiday events, office closings, weather-related closings, emergencies, software updates, and getting flu shots, which they offer because their health aids can’t go into a patient’s home without one. Their branches can send messages to specific groups of people using Textline departments and location tags.

The response to Textline has been positive, and the result of improved internal communication has been better staff engagement. While they have mostly sent mass messages that don’t need a reply, some of their broadcasts tend to initiate conversations between office staff and field workers. Text messaging gets their message across immediately, and if people have questions, they can get them answered right away.

Conversation examples

Flu Shot Announcement
Flu Shot Announcement
Time change anouncement
Time change announcement
Compliance conversation
Compliance conversation
"It’s the same for all of us. You get an email; you don’t check your email every time you get an email, you look at your email when you think you should check your email. It could be the average person probably only checks it twice a day; three times a day if that’s a lot. Whereas the text message, you hear the ping, you look at it immediately. We figured text messaging was the best form of communication, especially for urgent situations.”
—Wayne Lasner, CIO

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