Repair company provides field service enabled by business texting.

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Spokane, WA
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Customer Experience
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Fred’s Appliance Service is an appliance repair company that provides field service for all major home appliances in northeast Ohio. They pride themselves on being different from other companies in their industry and providing a variety of communication channels for customers as part of their focus on customer experience. They also have a company that provides marketing advice to other companies in the repair industry.
response rate via texting for appointment reminders
reduction in overall outbound call volume after Textline

The problem

Their team was struggling to manage a large volume of outbound calls to referrals for repair work from third-party services, such as major appliance manufacturers, appliance dealers, and third-party extended warranty companies. Their staff found it monotonous having to hold numerous conversations that were all the same, while customers were often anxious to get off the phone. They were also spending time on the phone verifying customers’ warranty information. And they weren’t always sure that customers were receiving or opening emails. They wanted to find a communication channel that would be less intrusive and a better overall customer experience.

The solution

They implemented Textline and used Freshdesk and Zapier to create a new system to better manage and understand all of their customer information. Texting allows them to be more responsive to customer inquiries, and they are more confident that customers are receiving their messages. They still schedule calls through email or chat but are on the phone less frequently and can pay closer attention to the issues that require a phone call. Texting is less intrusive for the customer and streamlines the process for their team. They now go to conferences where they present their customer service approach in trainings, and Textline is always at the top of their suggestions.

Initial engagement text
Initial engagement text
Parts order conversation
Parts order conversation

“We want to give their customers every opportunity to communicate with us in any way they want to communicate.”
—Adam Butcher, Fred’s Appliance

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