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Use a cutting-edge text messaging solution to grow your home services business and increase customer loyalty. Textline’s SMS home services solution makes it easy to provide the exceptional communication your customers crave.
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What is home services texting?

Home service SMS lets businesses connect with customers, leads, and staff members via text message. You can reach them with important messages wherever they are. 

With Textline, businesses can text back-and-forth with customers from their computers. Use SMS to share notifications about upcoming appointments, request more information, or send targeted marketing messages.

With home service texting, you can ensure your clients are in the know about service details and promotions. Plus, provide better customer service by responding quickly and effectively to inbound inquiries.

Enjoy streamlined and convenient communication that reaches clients on their mobile device. Plus, texting has high open and response rates ensuring your message is seen. Overall, business texting solutions like Textline simplify home service communications.

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How SMS helps home service businesses

<span class="text-center">SMS helps home service businesses communicate effectively. Below we break down more benefits of a text messaging solution.</span>

Increase engagement with prospects

Use automated text messages to quickly qualify leads. Or, use SMS to respond to potential clients right after they express interest. The quicker you reply to leads, the more likely they will choose your business. As a result, SMS messaging is a great method of communication. With SMS, your sales and service team can connect with potential customers instantly to improve conversion rates and secure new business in just a few clicks. Overall, SMS drives engagement due to its speed, open rate, and accessibility.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention 

Help your team deliver exceptional communication to build customer loyalty and improve customer retention. SMS lets you send reminders about upcoming services or solicit customer feedback via text. This level of communication allows you to build outstanding customer relationships.

Boost operational efficiency 

Help your business realize efficiencies with an SMS home services solution. You can use texting to reschedule appointments, send service confirmations, or fill last-minute shifts. It’s also a great way to send personalized offers. Overall, texting improves communication with customers and staff to save time and resources.

Textline's SMS features for home services

From automated service reminders to internal communication with your field team, SMS  helps businesses like yours increase revenue and keep customers happy. Here are a few of the features that will ensure Textline is a great investment for your home service company. 

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Group texting</a></h3>

Keep the right people on the same page with group texting. Create a group text with clients or team members. Send a group message and get replies on the same text thread. This allows you to keep team members informed on large projects or help provide multiple clients updates quickly. For example, you could send a married couple a group message to let them know where their home improvement project stands. 

<span class="industries-heading-link">Surveys</span>

Send SMS surveys post service to get valuable feedback and discover ways to improve. Or use a survey to gauge customer demand for a new service offering before you add it. Hearing from your home service clients is easy with SMS surveys.

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Internal communication</a></h3>

Are you managing a field team? If they're busy on a job site, it's unlikely they'll be able to check their email or take a call. Keep in touch with that team with SMS. An SMS message is much more likely to be read quickly.  

SMS messaging also helps keep lone workers safe. You can keep them updated and SMS is a great way for them to reach you quickly if issues arise.  

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Two-way texting</a></h3>

Converse with customers using two-way messaging. The average text message is read within five minutes, so replies come quickly. Textline allows you to view previous conversations with contacts so it's easy to pick up conversations.

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Bulk SMS</a></h3>

Send a mass text to your contacts via Textline. Bulk SMS is a great method to share the same message with many people at once. You could send a mass happy holidays text, promote a new service, or reach out to multiple customers alerting them to an open service appointment. 

<h3><a href="" class="industries-heading-link">Automations</a></h3>

Use Textline’s Automations to place your SMS communications on autopilot. You can set up auto-replies, schedule texts to send ahead of time, and create templates. This will save you time and improve efficiency.

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SMS statistics for home services


of SMS messages are opened. — SMS Comparison


of clients want to receive offers via SMS. — Tech Jury


people open and regularly check their text messages. — Mobile Monkey

Quick and easy phone number registration for home services

Any home service business wanting to text customers must first register their phone number. This registration requirement was mandated in 2023 by mobile carriers to combat spam texting. For registration, carriers collect information about your brand and text use case.

With Textline, there’s no need to stress about phone number registration. Textline simplifies phone number registration for home service professionals. Textline has an in-app form that collects the necessary information for registration. Plus, Textline submits this form on your behalf and notifies you when your phone number is ready. This makes the process hassle-free.

Additionally, while waiting for your phone number to be registered, you can test Textline features, set up automations, create SMS templates, and more.

Use cases for home services texting

<span class="text-center">See how home service professionals, such as landscapers and plumbers, can take advantage of Textline’s SMS solution.</span>

Landscaping companies

Landscapers use Textline in many ways. Use it to send clients appointment reminders, quotes, promotional deals, or payment reminders. Make it easy for existing customers to contact your business or new leads to reach out. Landscaping businesses could also use Textline to keep field teams informed on project details. Or use it to inform customers that landscapers are heading to their home. 


Plumbers are in demand and often called to fix issues quickly. Use SMS to help schedule new appointments and streamline communication to save time. You can use SMS to reply to inbound inquiries quickly, request more information about a plumbing issue, and provide quotes. You could also schedule promotional messages to SMS contacts to remind them to schedule periodic services.


Roofing companies can use SMS for sales, operations, marketing, customer service, and more. For example, use home service SMS to follow up with your leads directly when they reach out. Or use SMS to answer common customer questions. You could also ask satisfied customers to leave a review of your company or offer them a bonus for referrals. Roofers could also use SMS marketing to get the word out about their services.


Electricians can use SMS to foster loyalty with customers by reminding them about services, scheduling annual safety checks, and more. Plus, use it to let customers know when you’re on the way to their home or help them book a service. With Textline you can also segment your contact list to tailor messages and offers to customers.

General contractors

Whether you're a carpenter or a window cleaner, we know you work hard to service your clients every day. Let Textline help you communicate more efficiently with customers. Use Textline to send bulk messages, entice returning customers with unique offers, or automate appointment reminders. An SMS solution helps general contractors increase revenue, get more customers, and improve communication.

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Why home service professionals can trust Textline

Textline is easy to implement, learn, use, and adapt. No matter where someone is on the spectrum of technical savviness, they have an easy time picking up the Textline interface.

— Cat D., Capterra

Greatly improved the speed in which we can communicate with customers. Text has become a preferred method of communication, and it eliminates a lot of unnecessary distractions that occur with telephone calls.

— Kelly B., Capterra

The experience with Textline has been eye-opening and has minimized a lot of busy work for the team, and we have become more productive in a short amount of time.

— Elena V., Capterra
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Additional resources for home service professionals

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Connect Textline to the tools you’re using at your home service organization. In just a few clicks, Textline connects to popular CRMs and dozens of third-party apps to help improve your SMS strategy.

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Use SMS to grow your home services business today

Home service providers across the globe are turning to SMS for an efficient, timely, and relevant method of customer communication. Join the thousands of other home services businesses that rely on Textline for their SMS needs. Unlock the power and ROI of a home service SMS solution that's simple to use and designed to foster fantastic customer relationships. Use Textline to send bulk SMS notifications, automate appointment reminders, and more. Ready to get started with the leading home service SMS software? Contact our friendly, experienced team today to book a demo or try it out for free. See for yourself howTextline's SMS home services revolutionizes business communication. Sign up for a free trial today.

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