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The ultimate guide to roofer marketing and sales

Fatima Puri
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Whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or installations, most roofing is done out of necessity. As a result, roofing companies must stand out from their competitors to attract new customers. One way to do that is to implement strategic marketing and sales strategies.

What is roofer marketing and sales?

Roofer marketing raises awareness about a company’s roofing services to residential and commercial customers, while roofer sales involves all activities that lead to selling the services to customers.  

Since roofing is typically done out of necessity, roofer sales primarily come from inbound leads. To win customers, roofing companies need to quickly respond to those leads to convert them into paying customers.

What are the benefits of roofer marketing and sales?

There are numerous benefits to marketing and sales for roofing businesses, but the main ones include:

  • Acquiring more qualified leads for sales
  • Converting more leads into paying customers
  • Building a trustworthy brand

8 effective roofer marketing and sales strategies

Most roofers are self-employed or own a small company with a few employees. For this reason, our list focuses on essential but practical marketing tips for these businesses.

1. Establish an online presence

One digital marketing fundamental is creating a presence for your business online, as it is the first place potential customers will go to find and learn more about your company. It is a good practice to not only create a personal website but also make business accounts on social media and join review pages. Some specific places to establish an online profile include:

When creating a business profile on any of these sites, remember to include the essential information customers need to learn more about your business, like contact information and a list of available services.

2. Use local digital ads and paid keywords to top search results

Most customers will run a simple Google search when they need to find a roofing company near them. Google Ads allows businesses to run a paid search campaign that targets specific keywords and locations to ensure your company is one of the top search results. Additionally, Google’s Local Services Ads allow service businesses, like roofers, to better target customers in geo-specific areas. Learn more about Google’s Local Services Ads here

For example, a customer in Austin who searches for “roofing services near me” might see the following results:

A screenshot of the SERP of the keyword "roofing services near me."

Purchasing online ads can put your business in front of customers. Research shows that the top three Google search results get 75.1 percent of all clicks. Remember, customers are looking for a company that can meet their immediate needs, so they won’t spend much time looking through multiple pages on a search engine to find the perfect fit.

3. Educate customers to establish credibility

A way to educate customers about common roofing problems is with easily accessible content. This can help you establish credibility as a reputable roofing company and build trustworthy customer relationships. 

A low-cost yet impactful way to educate customers is to create a company blog. Sharing your industry knowledge not only informs customers about the ins and outs of roofing but also showcases your expertise in the field. Some best practices for creating a blog include posting consistently, using high-quality images to accompany each article for visual appeal, and sharing valuable insights.

Check out Resilient Roofing and Best Roofer for examples of educational roofing blogs.

4. Ask for reviews to build credibility

Another way roofing companies can establish credibility is to let their customers speak on their behalf via reviews. The majority of people won’t choose a service without reading a review. In fact, 72 percent of customers say they won’t take action until they read a review first.

Providing exceptional customer service from start to finish gives your company a better chance to get good reviews and attract new customers. Businesses can ask customers to leave a review on their website or by sending a survey via text message or email  A good practice for service companies is to invite customers to leave a review in person after the service is completed.

Read our article “How to ask for customer reviews using business texting” to learn more.

5. Offer multiple ways for customers to reach you

By offering multiple ways to contact your business, customers can reach out in the way that best suits their preferences and needs. Some common communication channels are voice, email, text message, and live chat.

The best strategy to ensure no lapse in communication is to use a combination of communication channels. For example, you could text new leads to understand their roofing issue better, then schedule a time to speak to them on the phone and send them the free quote via email.

To learn more about creating a cohesive communication system, read our guide on omnichannel communication.

6. Advertise offline to target more customers

Don’t forget to use offline advertising to your advantage. For customers who have just used your services, you could give them a small tchotchke like a magnet with your contact information. That way, customers will remember you when it comes time for repeat services. 

You can also target new customers who may not be online by sending mailers, advertising on billboards, or securing an ad in a local paper. 

7. Respond to inbound leads quickly

Companies that reach out to a lead within an hour have a seven times higher chance of converting them into customers than those that wait longer. That’s why responding to inbound leads ASAP is a great sales strategy.

Using a business texting platform can help roofing companies reach customers quickly. The average text response time is 90 seconds, and texting is suitable for rapid back-and-forth communication. You can also encourage customers to use MMS to share photos and videos of their specific roofing problems, which in turn helps you provide a more accurate quote.

8. Offer a free consultation or quote

Customers will feel more comfortable scheduling a service if they know the price upfront and know they won’t incur an initial consultation fee. This is especially true for roofing businesses as people often seek help when they have an unexpected issue, which means they most likely didn’t plan for the expense.

Offering a free quote or consultation with no strings attached helps customers make an informed decision about your services. It ensures that you and the potential customer are on the same page about payment and helps the customer develop trust in your company, which can lead to more sales and a better customer experience. 

The bottom line

Remember to keep these strategies in mind when it comes to kickstarting your roofer marketing initiatives. After starting a marketing campaign, you will want to track how it is doing to understand better where to invest more of your budget. The goal is to invest in strategies requiring minimal effort but maximum results.

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