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Pipedrive SMS integration guide for businesses

Alia Paavola
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Pipedrive is a popular CRM tool used by over 100,000 companies to manage sales processes. The software centralizes data so companies have visibility into their sales cycles to close more deals and grow business.

Since Pipedrive serves as a central source of truth, companies want to integrate other communication and sales tools into the platform. One popular tool sales teams want to incorporate is SMS. Text messaging is becoming a popular vehicle for business communication because it’s quick, boasts unrivaled open rates, and is easy to scale.

This guide will discuss how to set up a Pipedrive SMS integration, the benefits of adding SMS to the CRM, and what you can do with a text message platform integration.

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<h2 id="Can">Can Pipedrive send SMS?</h2>

Pipedrive doesn’t have a native SMS solution. However, you can send text messages from Pipedrive by integrating with an SMS platform. A Pipedrive SMS integration lets you view, reply, and initiate text messages from the CRM.

If you want to text from Pipedrive, you’ll need to find a business texting platform that can connect to it by API or an out-of-the-box integration.

<h2 id="Benefits">Benefits of sending and receiving SMS via Pipedrive</h2>

For businesses using Pipedrive, there are several benefits to adding an SMS integration. Let’s look at some of the key advantages:

  • Simplify workflows. Integrating SMS into Pipedrive simplifies communication workflows. Your team can communicate with customers and leads in the CRM without switching tabs. 
  • View conversation history. A Pipedrive SMS integration helps your team keep track of past text conversations with a lead. You can view text message history in the CRM to work smarter, personalize responses, and reach out at the right time.

  • Get messages read. The open rate of a text message is unmatched. The average open rate for SMS is 98 percent, nearly five times higher than email. SMS ensures leads see and act on your message.

  • Boost productivity. SMS is an effective way to reach more sales contacts. Your sales team can use SMS to communicate with multiple leads simultaneously, while a phone call can only be one at a time. This can help boost team productivity.

  • Real-time communication. Most people read a text within five minutes of receiving it, making it an effective way to get in touch quickly. This can help sales teams reach interested leads quickly and follow up at the right time. 

<h2 id="What">What can you do with a Pipedrive SMS integration?</h2>

Your business can do a lot with a Pipedrive SMS integration. Let’s dive deeper into the capabilities of Textline’s Pipedrive integration:

  • Text within the CRM. Simply log into Pipedrive to send and reply to text messages from your customers, prospects, or leads. You can text them one-on-one to speed up communication and the sales cycle. There’s no need to switch tabs.

Two-way texting example with the Pipedrive SMS integration.
  • Share attachments. You can easily send text attachments via the Textline SMS integration. For example, you could attach a PDF of a detailed quote or share an image of your product. This is known as sending an MMS message.

Sending text attachments via Pipedrive SMS integration
  • Use text templates. You can create and store text message templates to help you reply quicker to inbound texts. For example, you could make a template to schedule demos easily or to answer frequently asked sales questions.

Using a text template from Textline's Pipedrive SMS integration.
  • Set up auto-replies. If you’re out of the office, you can set up an auto-reply text message that triggers when a contact messages your business phone number. This helps manage response expectations.

An auto-reply text example using a Pipedrive SMS integration
  • Leave private internal notes. With the Textline-Pipedrive integration, you can leave private internal notes to teammates within a text thread. This feature, called a Whisper, lets you communicate with your team to confirm information and ask questions. These Whispers are only visible to your team.
Example of using Textline's Whisper feature in Pipedrive CRM
  • Transfer texts. Similar to transferring a phone call, you can also transfer text conversations. This could come in handy if you need to transfer a text conversation to a different department or colleague.

Transferring a text conversation within Pipedrive.
  • Sync contacts. The Textline-Pipedrive integration automatically syncs all Pipedrive contacts to the Textline Address Book, ensuring you always know who is texting your business.

<h2 id="How">How to set up a Pipedrive SMS integration using Textline</h2>

Textline has an out-of-the-box integration with Pipedrive, which makes it simple to set up. Let’s look at the steps to connect Textline and Pipedrive.

1. Create a Textline account. The first step is to make a Textline account. During this step, you will get a texting phone number or text-enable your landline or VoIP number. All SMS platforms require you to register a texting phone number; this is an essential component of SMS compliance.

2. Connect Pipedrive. Now that you have your Textline account, head to the Tools and Integrations page in settings. Click Pipedrive and connect. 

How to add a Pipedrive SMS integration on Textline.

3. Log into Pipedrive. When you click connect, you’ll be prompted to enter your Pipedrive login information. Enter that information and grant Textline proper permissions.

4. You’re ready to text! Once connected, you can text within Pipedrive using Textline’s widget. Additionally, your Pipedrive contacts will sync to your Textline Address Book automatically, and text conversations will appear in your Pipedrive Activities feed.

Boost efficiencies and close more deals with an SMS integration

SMS messaging equips your sales team with a convenient and well-read communication method to reach contacts. Use SMS to follow up with leads, share important information, and schedule meetings. Are you ready to see the difference texting can make?

Textline, the industry’s most secure SMS platform, simplifies adding SMS to Pipedrive. Connect to the SMS platform in just a few clicks to start texting leads and winning deals. Ready to see for yourself? Request a free demo of our Pipedrive SMS integration today.

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