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Texline is an SMS solution that makes your insurance company stand out. Enhance communication with your customers, convert leads into sales, and stay at the forefront of insurance marketing with Textline's insurance texting solution. In the insurance industry, customer relationships matter. It’s crucial to keep in touch, speak directly to your customers, answer questions promptly, and get accurate feedback. That’s where an SMS insurance solution comes into play. Use SMS to stay ahead of your competition, communicate effectively, and build lasting customer relationships.
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How SMS helps insurance companies

Insurance agents are busy. Answering phones, responding to customer inquiries via email, and converting website leads are all day-to-day activities in insurance. But the traditional ways to reach customers like phone and email are time-consuming and don't guarantee results. Critical customer phone calls often go unanswered, and perfectly drafted emails may end up in spam folders. 

On the other hand, a texting solution doesn’t have these usual hang-ups. Boasting high open rates and a direct line to customers and leads, an SMS solution gets the right message to the right people. Communicate vital messages about your insurance services to customers quickly via SMS. You can use it to answer inquiries, resolve billing and payment issues, and convert leads into customers.

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Why insurance companies should use SMS

SMS gives you a competitive edge over the competition as it is cost-effective, time-efficient, and customer-focused. That’s why the best insurance companies are turning to a comprehensive texting insurance solution.

Higher response rates

SMS is more effective for the insurance industry than email or phone calls. Emails often sit unopened and insurance agents are inundated with phone calls, which often means long wait times. 

With a communications strategy that includes texting, your agents can enjoy faster, more responsive communication with customers and leads. Send an SMS message and enjoy a 45 percent average response rate. This is more than seven times the response rate of an email. 

With texting, you can engage with your community by writing individual replies, using templated messages, or scheduling automated texts.

Better client communication

An SMS insurance solution streamlines client communication. That’s because texting is built for rapid communication, and has excellent response and open rates. Deliver messages directly to the homepage of clients’ smartphone devices. When clients are sent critical information to their cell phones, they're much more likely to see and engage with it. You can send updates, promote marketing deals, or automate reminders, all in real time.

Harness the power of fast, effective communication with your insurance customers. Plus, be the first to respond to leads and close more deals with texting’s rapid response time.

Stronger client retention

SMS for insurance isn't just for sales. Texting allows you to stay connected and communicate effectively with insurance customers to increase retention rates. Use a texting platform like Textline to create automated triggers and workflows to follow up and engage customers whose policies are up for renewal. Customers will appreciate the reminder and doing so will help you foster strong client trust and create memorable brand moments. 

With texting for insurance you can build relationships customers trust, reduce the likelihood of your clients switching to a competitor, and engage with your customers when they reach essential milestones.

Easy to manage

See the benefits of Textline’s SMS text messaging service for insurance companies. With the easy-to-use Textline SMS platform, sending, receiving, and scheduling SMS messages is simple.

We've made it easy for insurance companies like yours to manage conversations, message templates, and automations from one central dashboard.

There are no expensive hardware requirements. You just need a desktop computer or mobile device to make Textline work. Plus, with our intuitive user interface, there's no need to extensively train your insurance agents on new software. Textline is simple to use, quick to understand, and convenient — it's designed to fit right into your team.

Streamline workflow and save time with automations

Textline doesn’t just enable you to send SMS messages. It’s also a tool to help you revolutionize customer communication. Use our automated text feature to answer frequently asked customer questions, set up auto-responders, or send SMS notifications for critical milestones in the customer lifecycle. 

For example, automatically send welcome messages, alert customers about renewals, or ask for feedback via surveys. You can also create automated marketing messages that send to customers in real-time or auto-assign inbound texts to agents.

Overall, the Textline SMS platform allows you to save time while building personalized touch points into the customer journey. Using automation, Textline streamlines workflow to speed your response time and helps free up your customer service agents and sales team.

Text messaging use cases for insurance companies

Customer renewals and retention are vital in the insurance industry. Don't let your existing customers switch to a competitor. Use insurance text message marketing to let customers know their renewal date is approaching and offer them something special to stay with you.

With SMS marketing, you can facilitate customers’ insurance renewals easily and quickly. For example, you can ask them to simply reply via text to get in touch with an insurance agent for a streamlined renewal process. You can also answer their questions quickly via SMS. 

Share claim updates and keep customers informed

Filing an insurance claim can be stressful for your customers. They want to know if their claim has been received, when a payment will be made, and what they need to do to ensure it's resolved. Make it easy and keep them informed by setting up automated SMS updates.

SMS notifications like these help insurers build trust with customers and lessen the chance that they raise a customer service issue. SMS claim updates help your customers rely on your service and stay up to date with the progress of their claims.

Send billing and payment reminders

Your customers don't want to miss insurance payments. They want to stay on top of bills to ensure there’s no lapse in insurance coverage. But, the reality is customers often forget about payments from time to time. Use an SMS insurance solution to keep in touch with your customers and remind them about their upcoming payments. 

Use SMS to send payment reminders about a current policy or looming expiry date. This will help them better manage payments and prepare for bills. Giving your customers a helping hand with payments ensures they're always covered.

Use for insurance marketing and promotions

Reach new insurance customers and leads wherever they are with a text message marketing strategy. Send promotional materials, share seasonal offers, or follow up with leads instantly. Generate interest in your insurance agency and garner replies with marketing messages that get responses. Encourage leads to purchase insurance by offering them the option to engage with a sales agent quickly from their smartphone.

The possibilities are endless with SMS marketing for insurance. You can welcome new customers, upsell clients to higher-value insurance options, and send promotional SMS messages to the right people. 

Plus, with Textline, you can use automation to trigger marketing text messages to send at precisely the right moment. Whatever your insurance marketing strategy, Textline helps insurance companies like yours connect meaningfully and quickly with leads.

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Why insurers should text


of consumers want the ability to securely text with their insurance agent. — LivePerson


of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. — MobileSquared


increase in client retention when using one-to-one text messaging. — Statflo

Phone number registration for insurance made easy

Mobile carriers require all businesses wanting to text to register their phone numbers. This means businesses must submit information about their brand, texting use case, and opt-in information. Businesses can’t use SMS without registering.

Choose an SMS platform like Textline to ensure the registration process is hassle-free. Textline makes registering a breeze. Customers can register in-app by filling out our built-in form. Textline even submits this information on your behalf.

While waiting for your number to be ready, you can test features, add users, set up automations, and create text message templates.

Start texting with Textline

Ready to get started with SMS for your insurance agency? Look no further than Textline, the leading insurance text message service.

Textline makes communication with your customers as simple and straightforward as possible. Our platform fits into your existing customer service infrastructure and frees up your agents to deliver incredible brand interactions. Textline offers bulk SMS, surveys via text, and two-way-texting to make it easy to communicate with your customers and leads right where they are. Enjoy built-in feedback systems and customizable roles that give your insurance agents the tools they need to deliver their best work.

Plus, Textline is simple for your customers to use. There's no need for them to install an app or navigate to a webpage. That’s because Textline takes advantage of native SMS features on your customers' phones. Any insurance text message sent from Textline appears as a standard text to your customers. This ensures they can communicate with your team on a platform they're used to.

Contact our friendly team today to see how Textline can revolutionize marketing and customer service for your insurance company.

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See why insurance companies can trust Textline

I think something that really sets them apart from other text services we've used in the past is the support we receive from the Textline team. I have been recommending it to anyone that has been looking for an SMS platform and will continue to recommend!

—Jill C., Capterra

If we have questions, we have a reply from Textline within minutes offering a solution with an awesome attitude. Everyone in our organization has been able to use this product without having to be trained, huge plus!

—Jennifer K., Capterra

Textline is easy to use and intuitive for new team members to learn - the interface feels clean and responsive, and my team finds it easy to stay on top of which messages require a response. We're using Textline to engage via SMS with leads, and so far my team has loved it!

—Sam K., Capterra
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