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27 follow-up sales text message templates

Alia Paavola
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Did you know that only 2 percent of sales occur on the first meeting with a potential lead? This makes following up with leads crucial to closing deals.

While many communication tools can help with sales follow-ups, texting is quick, budget-friendly, convenient, and personal. 

So let’s set you up with customizable follow-up message templates for any situation.

27 follow-up sales text message templates

There are many areas in the sales cycle to follow up using text messages. So here are 27 follow-up text message samples you can use as inspiration and tweak to suit your needs. 

After the lead makes the first contact

When a lead fills out a contact form or inquires about a product, you’ll want to follow up with them quickly. Research shows that 78 percent of customers buy from the company that responds first to their inquiry. Use this follow-up to introduce yourself and talk next steps.

Hi, [ name]. This is [salesperson]. Thank you for your interest in [company name]. I’d love to connect over a quick call if you’re available today.

Hi [ name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. I’d love to schedule a quick 15-minute chat to discuss your needs. Schedule it here: [link]

After the initial phone call

After the initial sync, it’s a good idea to thank prospects for taking time out of their day to speak with you. This shows appreciation for their time and helps build a positive relationship. 

Hi, [name]. This is [salesperson]. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! Please call or text me if you have questions before our next meeting.

After leaving a voicemail 

Use texting to alert a lead that you left a voicemail. A short text reminds leads to listen to the voicemail and gives them another way to reach you. Plus, a short text lets a contact know who left the voicemail, in case they didn’t save your number.

Hi, [name]. It’s [salesperson] at [company]. I just left a voicemail but am reaching out via text in case it's more convenient. Feel free to text or call me back.

After a no-response message

There are many reasons why a lead may not respond to a text message. To increase the chance of a reply, follow up and reference the subject of the prior message.

Hi [name]. I’m [salesperson] from [company]. I’m following up on my previous message about [XYZ]. Were you able to get to it?

After a product or service demo

If you provided a product or service walkthrough, send a text message to your prospect as a way to stay in touch. Let them know you’re available to answer questions and that you’ll plan to follow up with them again after they had time to digest. Statistics show it takes five follow-ups to close 80 percent of deals, so even if you got to this stage, you’ll need to follow up.

Hi, [ name]. I hope the [demo/consultation] was helpful! Feel free to text me any questions here. I’ll follow up with you in a few days. [salesperson]

Follow up after an unanswered email

If you sent an important email to your prospect that was left unopened, text them a reminder. Even perfectly-crafted emails can be filtered into spam or forgotten about. Use texting to gently nudge them about opening it and replying.

Hi, [name]. I recently sent an email about [XYZ]. Did you get a chance to look it over? Feel free to text me with any questions. Thanks, [salesperson].

Hi, [name]. I recently sent an email covering [XYZ]. Feel free to text me here for a more prompt response. Thanks, [salesperson]. 

After a requested quote

Pricing quotes help customers make informed purchase decisions. This means the accuracy of these quotes is important. As a result, follow up with someone who requested a quote by asking for more details.

Hi, [name]. To help me provide an accurate quote for [product offering], can you fill out this form [link]? Thanks, [salesperson] from [company].

After a provided quote

Every business leader will want to know how much your product or service costs. After providing these quotes, it's important to follow up with potential clients to see if they’re ready to buy or have any questions about the price. 

Hi, [name]. It’s [salesperson] following up about the provided quote for [XYZ]. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to move forward!

After an unclaimed offer

If you notice a lead didn’t use a discount or free trial you gave them, follow up to see if they need help with setting up an account or using the discount.

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson]. I noticed you didn’t use your [unclaimed offer]. Do you need any help getting this [set up/used]?

After an event

After a networking event, conference, or webinar, make sure you follow up with any leads. Sending a quick sales follow-up text message will ensure that your company and product stay top of mind. 

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. It was great to meet you at [event]. I’d love to book a demo for you to see how [product] solves [problem].

Hi [name]. Thanks for attending [company]’s webinar on [topic]. Here’s a link to the full webinar [link]. Let me know if you have any questions! 

After a prospect asked you to reach out after a while

When it comes to sales, timing is everything. As a result, use texting to follow up with leads who asked you to reach out in a few months. It’s a good way to get back in touch and see if now is a better time to discuss. 

Hi [name], I hope you’re doing well! I’m checking in to see if now is a better time to set up a  call about [product/service.] [Salesperson] from [company].

After a prospect goes radio silent

It happens all too often. You had an interested prospect, but all of the sudden they no longer reply to your calls, texts, or emails. In this scenario, you will still want to follow up with them to help you understand if they are still interested or just busy.

Hi, [name]! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to check in and see if you’re still interested in [product/service]? 

After a successful meeting

When the meeting was a success, use a follow-up text to thank them for their time, provide your personal number, and encourage them to reach out. 

Hi [name], thanks for meeting with me today! You can reach me here if you have any questions. It’s my personal line. [salesperson]

After a completed purchase

Increase the lifetime value and relationship with customers with a post-sale follow-up text. It can be the difference between a one-time or loyal customer. 

Hi, [name]. We’re grateful you chose [company] for your needs. Please reach out if you need help with anything! [salesperson]

After a missed meeting or appointment

Although you try to avoid meeting no-shows with appointment reminder texts, the reality is they still occur. If this happens, don’t fret. Instead, follow up with that lead to reschedule. Propose a new date and time without making them feel bad about missing the original timeslot. 

Hey, [name]! It’s [salesperson]. I’m sorry we didn’t connect today. Would you be available for a meeting on [date] at [time] instead?

Hey, [first name]! It’s [salesperson name]. I’m sorry we didn’t connect today. Feel free to reschedule at your best convenience: [link]

After a prospect speaks with decision-makers

Often, your lead may need to speak with their team or a key decision-maker before purchasing a product or service. In this case, you’ll want to send a follow-up text to see if your lead had that conversation or if they need anything to help the decision-maker choose.  

Hi, [name]. Were you able to speak with [decision maker]? Let me know if there is anything you need from me.

After an upsell text

If you hit a client with an upsell opportunity and haven’t heard back, send a follow-up message. They may not have seen it. This follow-up will increase the likelihood of a response. 

Hey, [name]. It’s [salesperson]. I wanted to see if you’ve decided on getting the [upsell opportunity]?

After a failed sale

Use a follow-up message to gain valuable feedback from leads who ultimately decided against using your product. This will help you improve the sales process or product for future customers. 

Hi, [ name.] Thanks for your time. Would you mind taking a quick survey to help us understand how we could meet your needs better: [link]

After you already sent a follow-up

The reality is that leads may miss your first follow-up message. Don’t be afraid to send a second follow-up message to get their attention. It can be short and sweet. 

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. I wanted to follow up to see if you have time to connect this week for a [call/meeting/demo]?

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. I wanted to check in to see if you had time to review [quote/materials]?

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. I wanted to check in to see if you saw my last message. Here if you have any questions!

After several follow-ups

While you don’t want to give up too early on a lead, it’s important to know when to send a last-effort follow-up message. In these scenarios, you’ll want to encourage prospects to respond. You can do this by asking if you should stop following up, asking them to direct you to a different contact in the organization, or letting them know you’ll check back in a few months. 

Hi [name]. I wanted to check to see if I should stop following up about [product/service]? Thank you. - [salesperson] from [company]. 

Hi [name]! Since I haven’t heard back, I wanted to check if you’re the best person to chat with at [company]. If not, can you point me to the right person?

Hi [name]. It seems like now may not be the best time to purchase [product/service]. I’ll try following up again in [X months]. [salesperson] from [company].

Follow-up message best practices

There are several best practices to keep in mind when writing and sending effective follow-up sales text messages. We break down 10 of them below.

  • Personalize messaging. Make sure you’re personalizing each text message. Even addressing someone by their first name goes a long way in building rapport with leads.

  • Pay attention to timing. When it comes to follow-up messages, timing is key. You don’t want to send a message every day to your leads. Instead, you’ll want to use a respectful follow-up cadence to give leads time to think, digest, and have the right conversations.

  • Introduce yourself. Your prospects likely don’t have your phone number saved. As a result, make sure to introduce yourself or your company in the text message.

  • Add a clear CTA. Another key when sending follow-up messages is to add a clear call to action. This is the step you want your contact to take.

  • Keep messages short and sweet. SMS is limited to 160 characters. This means you’ll want to keep your message to the point and concise.

  • Be persistent. When it comes to sales follow-up, you need to be persistent. Don’t give up after one follow-up. The reality is it will take more than one to close a sale.

  • Understand when to use a human touch vs. automation. At times, you’ll want to use automated messages to save time and ensure messages are sent in a timely manner. But there may be other times you want to use manual intervention to ensure prospects feel heard and get their questions answered.

  • Know when to stop. You don’t want to waste time on a prospect that is no longer interested. As a result, make sure you understand when to stop following up.

Put your follow-ups on autopilot with Textline

With the right technology, follow-up text messages to clients are a breeze. Textline’s SMS platform equips sales teams with the right tools to help them reach more prospects and close more deals. 

Textline’s Automation features help sales teams save time and ensure message timing is optimized. Easily set up auto-reply messages, get a series of follow-up texts scheduled, craft text message templates, and more. 

Additionally, you can set Reminders to follow up with specific contacts at a particular point in the future. The Reminders feature helps you remember to send a follow-up message or complete a task related to the deal.

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