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Improve your dental clinic’s patient experience by leveraging SMS and automated appointment reminders. Textline gives you the tools to cut no-shows, grow your dental practice, and communicate better.
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Limit no-shows with dental appointment reminders

No-show appointments cost dental practices significant revenue every year. Many patients miss their dentist appointments simply because they forget. Text messaging allows you to quickly remind patients about upcoming appointments to cut no-shows and provide a better patient experience.

<span class="text-center">Useful features for dental SMS</span>

Two-way texting

Textline’s two-way text messaging lets patients engage with staff and quickly reply to confirm appointments via SMS. This feature is great if patients have questions or need to change their dental appointments quickly.

Mass texting

Mass texting is a useful feature for sending important updates to multiple patients at once. You can use mass SMS to notify patients about office hour changes, new services, or open appointment times. 

Scheduled text messages

Do you want to set up dental appointment reminders in advance? Scheduled text messages allow you to easily schedule messages so you’re reaching patients with these reminders at the right time. You can also use scheduled texts to remind patients to book teeth cleanings.

Analytics and reporting

Textline provides insights into the effectiveness of the SMS communication. Some metrics we track include delivery rate, number of messages sent, and number of messages received. This can help your dental practice optimize its SMS efforts.


Automated texting can help your dental practice manage SMS communication. Automated texting can help you route inbound questions to the right staff member, set up auto-responses for when your business is closed, and send follow-up messages post appointment.

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Textline is fully HIPAA compliant

Textline is the leading HIPAA-compliant texting software in the industry. Our patented consent process helps our users obtain, document, and store patient consent to stay HIPAA compliant. The platform also has several other features to protect healthcare companies such as end-to-end data encryption, a provided BAA, administrative controls, and multi-factor authentication.

Benefits of using SMS for your dental practice

Better patient communication

Texting allows your practice to give patients vital information quickly. Not only can you use Textline to send appointment reminders, you can also share important updates to patients from one dashboard. 

Increased efficiency

SMS can speed up many mundane tasks like confirming appointments, rescheduling appointments, and sending pre-appointment notes. This frees up your staff’s time so they can focus on other important duties. 

Higher patient retention

Regular SMS communication, such as appointment reminders, dental care tips, or personalized messages, can help your practice build stronger relationships with patients. This can improve patient retention rates, which is key to the growth of any dental practice.

Reduced no-shows

A top benefit of texting for dental practices is that it reduces the appointment no-show rate. Patients are less likely to forget with a text message reminder. Plus, if they’re unable to make the appointment, they can easily reschedule it via text.

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Why dentists should text


of patients want text reminders to schedule appointments. — PatientPop


of text messages are opened. — CTIA


of patients opt into texts from healthcare providers. — SimpleTexting

Hassle-free phone number registration for dental organizations

Dental organizations must first register their phone numbers to use an SMS platform to message patients or employees. Mobile carriers added this registration requirement to protect consumers from unwanted messaging. Dental organizations must submit information about their brand and SMS use cases to register.

Although ensuring proper registration may seem complex, it’s not with Textline. We’ve simplified the registration process for our customers. Dental organizations that choose Textline as their HIPAA-compliant SMS platform can register in the app. Simply fill out our built-in form in the compliance tab. From there, Textline handles submission and alerts you when your number is ready to use.

The best part? You can still test the Textline platform while waiting for carrier approval. Organizations can test core features, set up automations, or create pre-written text templates.

Other use cases for dental text messaging

Urgent alerts

In case of sudden changes like office closures or schedule changes, Textline’s text alert system can quickly notify affected patients.

Pre-appointment instructions

For certain dental procedures, patients may need to follow specific instructions before their appointment. Use texting to send these instructions to patients ahead of time to ensure they’re well-prepared for their visit.

Post-appointment follow-ups

After a dental visit, you can send follow-up text messages to check on the patient's recovery, provide post-care instructions, or ask for feedback. This is an excellent way to improve patient retention.

Health tips and education

You can use text messaging software to send dental care tips or educational content to patients. This can help promote better oral health and foster a stronger relationship between your practice and its patients.

Appointment scheduling

In addition to appointment reminders, you can use SMS to encourage patients to schedule their next appointment. This is helpful for routine services like bi-annual teeth cleaning.

Special promotions

Are you offering a discount on teeth whitening services or free oral cancer screenings? Use SMS to share promotions like these with your patients.

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Why dental practices can trust Textline

The team at Textline were very efficient at listening to our company's needs and creating a solution for us. The follow up on the action items via email was excellent and I felt that they really wanted to help us out and provided excellent customer service.

— Charles C., Trustpilot

Textline has been great. Super efficient way to send texts from a laptop.

— Brandon B., Trustpilot

Textline HQ are ALWAYS quick to respond whenever I have a question or need help with anything! I am super grateful and love using this platform to send messages for my company!

—Vanessa P., Trustpilot
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Textline integrations for dentists

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Use SMS to grow your dental practice

Incorporate SMS into your dental practice management with Textline and witness the transformation firsthand. Textline’s SMS features make it easy to communicate appointment reminders and updates to your patients. Plus, you can manage all text conversations from a single, centralized dashboard on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Use SMS to enhance patient engagement, create a positive dental care experience, and improve efficiencies. Ready to revolutionize your dental office communication with Textline? Try it for 14-days free today, or book a demo with our expert team.

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