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Coordination requires communication

Teamwork requires constant communication, especially when you have a large team, a distributed workforce, or a complex workflow. Texting is the communication channel with the fastest response time, and that means that everything else gets done quicker.


of employees think employers should use text to communicate with them.

—Vitiello Communications Group


of employees think that texting should be used for interoffice communication.


of people currently use text messaging for business purposes.


of business professionals prefer text messaging to messaging apps.

Portrait of Laura West
“Gosh, I can't remember the last time that we actually made a phone call to a Fixer out in the field. It's all by text.”

Cat de Merode, VP of Product, Head of Customer Service, Dispatch, and Sales at Fixer

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Get organized

Your team runs smoother when you have the right tools to communicate faster and make logistics easier.

Stop wasting time

Easily communicate with staff and outside vendors, without having to play phone tag or wait for responses to email.

Resolve issues instantly

Texting allows you to continuously monitor your team, anticipate potential problems, and address issues as soon as they arise.

Make scheduling less complicated

Streamline the process of assigning jobs to staff, scheduling appointments with customers, coordinating locations, and sharing job details.

Manage your relationships

Use our address book feature to make customer relationship management simpler. Keep all of your contacts in one place right within Textline.

Conversation between dispatch agent and field worker coordinating a repair

Admin tools for a more secure organization

Keep your team organized and secure. Textline prioritizes trust and safety to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Efficiencies realized: How Textline streamlined internal communication

Fixer, a home services company based in Chicago, needed a better way to communicate with its repair professionals who work in the field. Those workers, called Fixers, rarely checked email and often missed phone calls while using loud power tools. 

As a result, the company wanted a more convenient communication channel for Fixers. They now rely heavily on Textline to communicate with those field workers. The in-office team texts Fixers about job details and special part orders to help them complete jobs more efficiently. They also use Textline’s mass texting tool to share employee memos with them.

The results? Textline has transformed internal communication with field workers, driving efficiencies and improving employee awareness. In fact, 90 percent of all communication is now done via SMS.

Connect with your team

Make internal communication easier, whether your employees are in the office, on the road, or working a job in the field.

Work across departments

Setting up multiple departments in Textline allows you to get answers from other groups when you need their input.

Keep in touch with staff who are in the field

If your team is remote or regularly working outside of the office, texting helps ensure there are no disruptions to employees' workflow.

Talk privately with colleagues

Use our “whispers” tool to hold internal discussions within Textline or train new employees.

Send mass messages

Our announcements feature lets you alert all staff when you have something important to share, whether it’s an employee happy hour or an office closure.

Conversation between dispatch and freight driver regarding a shipment update

Earn commission for referrals

Become an Affiliate Partner today and get paid for each customer you bring to Textline. You’ll earn a 20 percent recurring commission.

Adjust your workflow

Monitor your team’s work, and analyze performance data to identify areas for adjustments. Our goal is to help you exceed your goals.

Optimize your team’s performance

Monitor analytics to review team members’ workflows and identify areas for improvement.

Automate your text campaigns

Text campaigns require less work to set up than email campaigns. Save even more time by automating your process with scheduled messages and message templates.

Integrate with other tools

Use Slack or Zapier to connect to other communication tools that make up your team’s workflow.

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Featured operations integrations

We know that your workflow requires multiple technology tools. Textline integrates easily with leading software such as Zendesk, Help Scout, and more, so that you don’t have to wait to start texting.

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