Combine the power of webchat + SMS

Give website visitors a convenient way to reach your business. Textline’s webchat + text feature allows contacts to initiate a chat on your website and effortlessly move the conversation to SMS. No more abandoned webchats or missed opportunities to connect.
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Keep the conversation flowing

Choose to converse with website visitors via live chat or SMS. Textline’s hybrid solution grants the flexibility to switch back and forth, helping brands:

Converse in real-time

Reply to website visitors in real-time over webchat, SMS, or a mix of both.

Cut abandoned chats

Keep the conversation going when customers close their browsers. You can follow up via SMS.

Capture leads

Collect website visitor names, phone numbers, and consent to continue the conversation over text.

Add flexibility

Agents or website visitors can convert a webchat to SMS. This allows web visitors to leave their computers and reply via text at their convenience.

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Why businesses need a live chat solution

Improve customer experience

Customers value prompt responses and convenient communication methods. With live chat, contacts can easily initiate conversations via a website and businesses can respond faster. Plus, live chat has a high customer satisfaction rates of 81 percent.

Increase sales and conversions

Live web chat has been shown to boost conversion rate for brands. Website visitors who reach out via live chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert.

Efficient customer support

Live chat can help support teams handle more customer inquiries at once without losing that human touch. This boosts team productivity and can improve metrics like response time and resolved tickets.

Easy to implement

It’s easy to add live chat to your website and integrate it with your existing tools. With Textline, you manage all text conversations and webchats in one inbox.

Get data to work smarter

The best live chat software can sync past conversation history, which helps agents see necessary context and a customer’s past inquiries.

What makes Textline’s live webchat best-in-class

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Get consent to continue over SMS

Collect an SMS opt-in from customers to continue the conversation over text message. This ensures you’re meeting SMS compliance requirements so long as you keep the conversation related to their initial inquiry.

Sync conversation history

Once you verify a contact’s phone number, you can sync past conversations into the chat. This lets your team work smarter and personalize interactions.

A screenshot of a text message showing how automations action settings work
A screenshot of a text message showing how automations action settings work

Contact verification for added protection

Before syncing conversation history, the end-user must verify their mobile number. This is done by inputting a text verification code. Once verified, Textline associates the conversation with an already-existing contact and syncs history. This helps agents ensure they’re chatting with the right people.

Automate SMS follow-ups

Better manage conversation follow-ups with Dead Air automations. Use this to automatically convert an abandoned webchat to SMS after a set time period. You can also trigger follow up messages to send automatically.

A screenshot of a text message showing how automations action settings work
A screenshot of a text message showing how automations action settings work

Centralized message inbox

Manage all webchat and SMS inquiries from a single message inbox. Our multi-user platform lets agents reply to webchat and SMS messages from one location.

See it in action

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Textline’s powerful features are available using chat or SMS

Unified inbox
Admin controls
Claim, transfer, resolve
Review metrics
Create automations
Set agent permissions
Send NPS surveys
Manage billing
Manage security
Control data retention
Add/remove integrations
Set up dispositions
Add departments
Claim domain
Customize address book field
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Get started in 4 simple steps

Set up Textline’s webchat to SMS feature in four easy-to-follow steps.

Create a Textline account

Sign up for a Textline account. Every customer can try it free for 14 days.

Add webchat

Add webchat to your desired Textline department.

Get your code snippet

Textline will generate a code snippet for you.

Add the code to your website

Copy and paste your code snippet to your website. You're all set!

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