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Customize Automations to fit your process

Automation types

Determine the event that triggers an Automation, like when a text message is received or when an agent sends a message.

Automation conditions

Write your own rules to ensure Automations only send if they meet the right criteria. Conditions can include things like unavailable agents, messages containing specific words, time of day, and more.

Automation actions

Choose what action to perform with your Automation, like sending an automated text or assigning a conversation to a specific agent or route.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Never lose track of a conversation. With Timer Automations, you can schedule an action for a future time by setting time-specific conditions. Schedule a survey to send after a conversation has been resolved for three days, or use text automation after you’ve waited for a contact’s response for 48 hours.

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More Automations settings

Program Textline to work best for your team. Prioritize and stack Automations, control agent notifications, and more with Automation action settings.

Explore all the ways
Automations can work for you:

Set up a welcome text message auto-response.
Send a survey once a conversation is resolved.
Add or remove tags when customers' issues are resolved.
Automatically assign conversations to an agent when customers mention certain keywords.
Send a whisper to alert an agent of a customer with a specific tag.
Program an out-of-office text message.
Tag customers that reject consent to follow up through other methods.
Trigger an auto-reply after a set time to maintain a low average response time.
Automatically resolve conversations that have been inactive for several days.
Create a “next steps” message to follow up when a customer consents to messaging.

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