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Equip your marketing team with SMS, a powerful communication tool that cuts through the noise. Bring in new customers, boost conversion rate, and build brand awareness.

Unleash the power of SMS marketing

Marketing via a single channel is no longer effective. Omnichannel marketing is key to meeting customers on their buyer journey and ensuring a seamless experience. Add SMS into the mix and see higher customer engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.


of marketers using SMS said the channel helped them drive more revenue.



of recipients click on CTAs in marketing texts, and 47% of those make a purchase.


of consumers say text messages are one of the best ways to grab their attention.


of text messages are opened.

Our business had free trials on many competing texting softwares on the market, but we ultimately fell in love with Textline after using it just once. We saw the potential in it, and we have integrated its advanced features ever since. We are confident that Textline is the best texting software for businesses.

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Improve your marketing campaign with the #1 rated SMS software on Capterra

Learn why thousands of large and small businesses chose Textline over the competition and love using us to bolster their SMS marketing campaigns.

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Improve message reach and conversions

Use SMS to reach more customers or potential customers with targeted marketing messages. It is both scalable and immediate.

Send targeted messages at scale

Use our Announcement feature to send marketing text blasts to many contacts at once. Our Tag feature allows you to segment your contact list for a more targeted and personalized message.

Improve click-through rates

Links sent via text marketing messages have an eight-times higher click-through rate than other marketing channels like Facebook and Google Adwords.

Ensure customers see your marketing message

Get your marketing messages in front of customers with ease. The average text message has a 98 percent open rate, 45 percent response rate, and is read within three minutes.

Get your message delivered at the right time

Effective marketing is all about timing. With Textline you can schedule your messages to send to customers at the optimal time. 

Compliant and secure text marketing software

We protect your customer data. We prioritize security so you can focus on marketing.

Strengthen customer engagement and loyalty

SMS marketing is a versatile marketing tool. It can be used to send promotional offers, abandoned cart reminders, flash sales, welcome messages, and more. However, it can also help with customer relationship management.

Build stronger customer relationships

Textline was built for rapid back-and-forth conversations. Improve customer relationships by using the platform to respond to customers who reply to your marketing messages.

Collect actionable customer feedback

Get a better understanding of how customers feel about your brand by using text message surveys. This can help you improve your marketing efforts.

Capture customer attention with photos

Often in marketing, a photo is worth a thousand words. Use Textline’s MMS feature to send photos, links, emojis, and more in your marketing messages to improve engagement.

Earn commission for referrals

Become an Affiliate Partner today and get paid for each customer you bring to Textline. You’ll earn a 20 percent recurring commission.

Boost marketing team performance

Our tools make it easy to improve marketing team efficiency and collaboration.

Automate your marketing campaigns

SMS campaigns can be set up in minutes. Save even more time with scheduled messages, message templates, and auto-replies.

Integrate with other marketing tools

Use Zapier or our CRM integrations to connect Textline with other marketing tools your team uses.

Track campaign performance metrics

View analytics to understand marketing campaign performance and identify areas for improvement.

Work within and across teams

Use our Whisper feature to leave private internal notes on any customer text conversations. Plus, easily add multiple departments and collaborate across them within Textline.

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Featured operations integrations

We know that your workflow requires multiple technology tools. Textline integrates easily with leading software such as Zendesk, Help Scout, and more, so that you don’t have to wait to start texting.

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