Textline for Facebook Messenger

Push all messages to Textline and respond from the Textline platform.

Use CAses
Add your Facebook Business Page to Textline as a department and easily view and respond to all Facebook Messenger messages from your Textline conversation list.
Adding your Facebook Business Page to Textline as a department
  • Sync your Facebook messages with your Textline inbox
  • View and respond to all your Facebook messages right in Textline
  • Increase your response rate and get the "very responsive" badge added to your Facebook Page
All I can say is that we have more people responding to texts who would have taken longer to make contact with. We have noticed the difference.

—Lynette Groves, owner of multiple Mathnasium franchise locations

How to install

Follow these directions to set up your Textline and Facebook Messenger integration.

  1. Log into your Textline account and click Settings (gear icon) and then Departments.
  2. On this page, click New Department in the upper righthand corner.
  3. Select Facebook, then follow the prompts to choose a Facebook Page that you are the Admin of.

Use Textline’s features with Facebook Messenger

  • API — Automate workflows.
  • Shortcuts — Store templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer text conversations between team members.
  • Notifications — Receive desktop, email, and mobile alerts.
  • Auto Responses — Use automated greetings and away messages.
  • Whispers — Leave private notes for internal team discussions.
  • Metrics — Understand customer interactions and monitor team performance.
  • Send and receive photos, videos, and attachments.

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