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Your support team can do more with the right tools. Respond faster, serve more people, and add a personal touch to your customer service.

Your customers have changed

Customer support over phone or email isn’t enough anymore. Today’s customers expect multichannel communication that lets them talk to you on their terms. Make customers feel like more than just a number on a support ticket and offer customer service they won’t forget.


of people are likely to positively perceive a business that offers text message support.



of customers prefer to text a customer support agent over other communication options.


of American people rank text messaging as their most preferred channel for customer service.


of consumers want to have text conversations with businesses rather than just receive information.

Portrait of Laura West
“We know our traffic is mostly mobile and chatting on your mobile phone is hard but texting—people are very familiar and they're used to doing it, and so it just really created another way for our customers to communicate with us.”

Laura West, Support Manager for ThirdLove

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Learn why thousands of companies picked Textline over the competition and love using us to communicate with their customers every day.

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Ramp up performance

Provide fast, high-quality customer service, and be responsive when customers need support.

Resolve issues faster

Respond instantly to customers, serve more customers at a time, and shorten wait times in the process. Watch your backlog shrink to nothing.

Be more available

Make it easy for customers to get in touch, from wherever they are. And our mobile app allows your agents to provide support from anywhere so they’re there for your customers.

Build stronger connections

Better support interactions create positive associations with your brand. The result is more trust and higher customer retention.

Conversation between customer and agent regarding a missing package

Give your team the right tools

We make collaborating a breeze, leaving more time to focus on what’s important—your customer.

Work cross-functionally

Set up separate phone numbers for different departments in your organization. Getting organized helps you lend a hand when another group needs help.

Talk internally

Use our “whispers” tool to hold private discussions within the platform so that you can get approval from supervisors, discuss next steps, and give feedback to agents.

Assign work to agents

Your agents can claim conversations to let others know which accounts they own, or transfer clients to other team members with special expertise.

Conversation between tenant and property manager regarding a plumbing issue

We keep your customer data private

Customers expect their conversations to stay private. Textline handles security so you can handle support.

Make support easier

Organize conversations, and work faster using our automations.

Track conversation types and outcomes

Keep conversation records and categorize them by issue type and outcome using our resolutions feature and tags. Plus, use our search tool to revisit old conversations.

Automate your messages

Create message templates to answer common questions, and set up automated responses based on keywords.

Learn through metrics

Keep your finger on the pulse, and make sure your team and agents are meeting turnaround times and resolution times.

Grid of boxes containing help desk metrics for conversations and agentsOpen laptop containing Textline software

Measure customer happiness

We offer CSAT, NPS, and custom surveys via text to allow your business to gauge customer satisfaction and predict business growth.

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