Textline’s security and SMS compliance hub

Don’t get penalized for security and compliance mishaps. Learn the ins and outs of SMS compliance in this all-encompassing guide.


SMS, a lucrative and engaging communication channel, is highly regulated to protect customers. Before sending your first business text message, learn the key laws and regulations to ensure your outreach is compliant. 

In addition to general SMS compliance, many industries have rules that govern customer privacy. This means it’s also key to align your organization’s SMS strategy with those industry-specific regulations.

In this compliance hub, we’ll share Textline’s stand-out security offerings and how to ensure your text message strategy complies with the key regulations.

The Textline difference

Above all, Textline prioritizes security and compliance. There’s a reason Textline:

  • Is the most secure business texting platform 
  • Was the first to be truly HIPAA compliant
  • Earned a patent for its messaging consent feature