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SMS opt-in examples for compliant campaigns

Alia Paavola
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If you're harnessing the potential of text messaging to connect with your customers, securing their consent is the first crucial step. This consent, known as an SMS opt-in, isn't just a recommendation – it's a legal requirement. 

Many businesses mistakenly believe that only SMS marketing campaigns need this opt-in, but the truth is, regardless of the use case, every company must demonstrate that they've obtained consent to meet compliance standards and gain approval from mobile carriers.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through various ways businesses can obtain proper consent and provide you with real-life examples of effective opt-in messages. Understanding these methods and crafting compelling opt-in messages is key to building successful and compliant text messaging campaigns.

Ready to dive in? Let's explore the types of SMS opt-ins, essential language components, and, most importantly, discover customizable examples tailored to different use cases.

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<h2 id="Types">Types of SMS opt-ins</h2>

Contacts can express consent to receive text messages from your business in different ways. Here is an overview of the five main types.

  • Verbal. In this method, your contacts opt in over the phone or in person. To properly collect consent verbally, get a tracking system to disclose when and how they provided consent. Pro tip: When registering for carrier approval, add a transcript of how your employees ask for consent.

  • Website form. Your contacts can opt in for text messaging when they fill out a form on your website. This could include a popup form, a lead capture form, a separate checkbox during a checkout workflow, or a form placed in the footer.

  • Paper form. Your contacts can provide an SMS opt-in via a physical paper form at your store or business. You should include an explicit opt-in message.

  • Via text. With this form of opt-in, your contacts must initiate a text message (also called text-to-join or SMS keywords). This means they text your business first. Pro tip: Make sure to include SMS disclaimers wherever you encourage contacts to message you first or include these disclaimers in your first reply to them.

  • Mobile QR code. In this SMS opt-in type, your contacts scan a mobile QR code. This code can initiate a text message or add their contact number to a list. Include any disclaimers under your QR code. 

Language required for compliant SMS opt-ins

Follow these tips to help ensure mobile carriers approve your SMS campaign no matter what type of opt-in your business uses. These components must be on your opt-in form, where you post your texting number or within your first texts to contacts.

  • Business name. Make sure your opt-in language includes your business name in it. Example: By checking this box, I agree to receive texts from Purple Paws at this mobile number.

  • SMS disclaimers. Your opt-in message must contain a disclaimer that message and data rates may apply. You can provide this on your opt-in form or in your first text to a customer. Example: Message and data rates may apply.

  • Opt-out information. Add opt-out instructions to your consent message so people know how to unsubscribe. Example: Text STOP to unsubscribe from messages at any time.

  • Customer help information. Make sure to add customer care information to your opt-in language. Example: Text HELP to be connected to our support team.

  • Terms and privacy policies. Include a link to your company’s terms of service and privacy policy. Mobile carriers read these policies before approving campaigns, so ensure they are thorough and transparent. Pro tip: Keep in mind that carriers have denied SMS campaigns if the terms state that your business sells or shares data.

  • Use case. You must be clear about what you will be texting customers. State if you’ll share reminders, promotions, alerts, or company updates. Example: By subscribing, you agree to get emergency alert text messages from UW Madison.

  • Message frequency. You must share how many messages you’ll send customers or state that message frequency will vary. Example: You’ll receive up to five texts about your order from Anthropologie.

<h2 id="Compliant">Compliant SMS opt-in examples</h2>

Let’s look at several SMS opt-in examples broken down by use case. 

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<h3 id="Marketing">6 marketing SMS opt-in examples</h3>

For SMS marketing use cases, brands must get express written consent to text their contacts. This means gaining an initial opt-in through a digital or physical form and confirming that choice via text (known as a double opt-in). In this section, we’ll share real-life examples of opt-in messages for SMS marketing.

Before showing actual examples, here’s an SMS marketing opt-in message example that contains the necessary language components.

You’ve opted in to get the latest offers from Honeycomb Products straight to your phone. No purchase necessary. Message frequency varies. Standard message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for more info. Check out our terms and privacy policy at [website link].  

1. Popup website form

In this SMS opt-in example, Show Me Your Mumu uses a popup advertisement to collect initial consent. When you click the button, it creates a text message that customers send to confirm their opt-in.

An SMS opt-in example from Show Me Your Mumu.

2. SMS keyword promotion

In this SMS opt-in example, online retailer SKIMS encourages customers to opt in by texting a keyword to its shortcode number. After a customer initially opts in, SKIMS secures a double opt-in with a confirmation text.

An SMS opt-in example from SKIMS.

3. Website form fill 

Anthropologie uses a website landing page to get initial consent to text contacts. In exchange, the retailer offers a ten percent off coupon. Additionally, the company requires a double opt-in to secure express written consent.

A website form from Anthropologie.

4. Footer form fill

Men’s Wearhouse added a form fill to the footer of its website to get SMS opt-ins from website visitors. The company then sends a text message confirming a contact’s subscription choice. A customer must provide a ZIP code to opt in and get the incentive.

An opt-in example from Men’s Wearhouse

5. Checkbox form

In this example, Dominos allows customers to opt into marketing text messages and email promotions on the same page. Dominos allows customers to opt into email, text, or both. When collecting opt-ins on a form like this, the checkbox for SMS communication must be separate.

A checkbox website opt-in form from Dominos.

6. Mobile QR code

In this opt-in example, a clothing store encourages SMS opt-ins by setting a mobile QR code at checkout. This QR code initiates a text message to the business. In this scenario, you must get a double opt-in from customers to share the necessary SMS disclosures, like the privacy policy and message frequency.

An example of using a QR code for SMS opt-ins.

<h3 id="Support">5 customer support SMS opt-in examples</h3>

For customer support text messages, brands often encourage customers to text them first or sign up for specific updates like order status or appointment reminders. Let’s examine how actual companies encourage SMS opt-ins for this use case.

Before showing examples, here’s an SMS opt-in message example for customer support that contains the necessary language. 

Click this checkbox to get SMS updates about my most recent order from Purple Mattresses. Up to 5 messages per order. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out or HELP for more information. View our terms and privacy policy at our website [link].

1. Paper form

Collect opt-ins from customers using a physical form. This example shows an SMS opt-in message attached to a physical order form. In the message, Natural Bloom shares that customers will get SMS updates about their order if they opt in.

A physical form opt-in message example.

2. Website checkbox opt-in

In this example, a company using SMS to send appointment reminders collects consent using a checkbox. The box remains unchecked, and the opt-in message below contains the necessary disclaimers.

A checkbox SMS opt-in example.

Pro tip: Keep your opt-in checkboxes unchecked. A checkbox can’t be preselected for customers. Be mindful of this when creating your SMS opt-in forms.

3. Via text opt-in

Often, companies using SMS for customer support only need implied consent. This is obtained when a customer texts your company first. With this type of consent, you can only text about the topic customers messaged about. 

See the following example from Goldbelly. The company encourages customers to text their phone numbers for customer support. The subsequent text exchange is only related to the problem at hand.

An implied consent SMS opt-in example.

4. SMS keyword campaign

In the following example, Under Armor encourages customers to text the keyword SUPPORT to its phone number to be connected to a representative. This keyword promotion is on its website. Once a customer texts in, it clearly states what they will be messaging about and provides the appropriate disclaimers.

A support opt-in text message example.

5. Verbal opt-in confirmation

Another way to gain consent to text for customer support is verbally. If you have a check-in call with customers, ask them for permission to text them about company updates or their most recent purchases.

Here’s an example of a verbal script your team could use to collect this SMS opt-in information.

A script example for collecting verbal SMS opt-in.

<h3 id="Sales">5 sales SMS opt-in examples</h3>

Texting is a great way to connect with leads quickly and follow up on outstanding deals. However, sales teams must get proper opt-ins before communicating with contacts via text. 

Here’s an SMS opt-in message example containing the necessary language for sales. 

By checking this box, I agree to receive text messages from Software Co.’s sales team related to my pricing inquiry. Message frequency varies. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out or HELP for more information. View our terms and privacy policy on our website [link]. 

1. Online demo request form

If you have an online demo request form, collect SMS opt-ins now. You can encourage customers to click a checkbox at the bottom of the demo request form. In the example below, Textline collects permission to text contacts to schedule a demo.

Online demo request form

2. Contact us form

Include an opt-in checkbox to collect SMS consent on your online contact form. This ensures customers are properly consenting to receive text messages from your business. Be explicit about how you’ll use text messaging on this form. 

In the example below, Textline collects consent to text customers about the customer’s message and inquiry.

3. Verbal opt-in

During a demo, you can collect SMS opt-ins verbally from potential customers. You can ask leads if you can contact them via text message to follow up on outstanding questions. 

Pro tip: Create a tracking system to record these opt-ins when collecting consent verbally.

Here’s an example of how you could track SMS opt-ins.

An example of tracking verbal SMS opt-ins.

4. Via text 

You can encourage customers to text you first to get a pricing quote or start the sales process. In the following example from Junk King, the company encourages customers to reach out and share a photo of the junk they need removed. In this scenario, the company can only text customers about the item they reached out about.

A text message opt-in example.

5. Physical form

In this example, Fit Athletic uses a paper form to collect SMS opt-ins from its members. The company asks customers to select how they want to get updates. The SMS program is used for sales purposes, including upselling existing members on classes and sharing referral program perks.

A physical form opt-in example.

<h3 id="Internal">5 internal communication opt-in examples</h3>

Even if you’re using SMS to communicate with your employees, you must get consent to text them first. Brands often add this employee opt-in to employment contracts, job applications, or a form reviewed during onboarding.

Before diving into the examples, here’s an internal communication opt-in that contains the necessary language. 

By signing up via this form, I agree to get text messages from [business name] relating to my job while employed. Message frequency varies. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt-out at any time or HELP for more information. View our terms and privacy policy on our website [link].

1. Verbal opt-in

A lot of companies use verbal opt-ins for internal communication. This means you will ask your employees in person or over a phone call if they consent to receiving work-related text messages. Create a script you use and have a tracking system to record when employees consent to SMS.

Here’s an example of a verbal SMS opt-in script.

A verbal SMS opt-in script for internal communication.

2. Email Opt-in

Once your employee can access their work email address, ask them to opt-in to receive SMS communication. You can create an opt-in form for them to fill out via email or ask them to reply YES to consent. Make sure you include the necessary opt-in language. 

An employee is asked to subscribe to a company’s SMS program in the following example.

An email SMS opt-in example.

3. Physical form

If you want to use SMS to communicate with employees, have them fill out a physical form you store. In the following example, an employee can check a box to opt in to get SMS updates related to the job.

A physical form SMS opt-in example for employee texting.

4. Google form

You can have your employees fill out a Google form to subscribe to your company SMS list. In this form, you should state what you’ll use SMS to communicate and have them choose whether or not they want text messages.

A Google form for employee SMS opt-ins.

5. A QR code in-office

Use a QR code in-office to encourage your employees to subscribe to SMS company updates. You could place this QR code on posters throughout the office. It's best practice to get double opt-in when you’re using a QR code.

A QR code opt-in form for employees.

<h2 id="Double">20 customizable double opt-in text message templates</h2>

Here are some double opt-in text message examples and templates. With a few tweaks, you can customize these text messages for your brand and confirm a contact’s subscription choice. Remember, these texts work as an added layer of security; you must still get a verbal, form, or implied SMS opt-in before sending these texts.

Additionally, it’s vital to include message frequency, opt-out instructions, and help commands, but this can be done AFTER they reply YES to consent to these messages.

General confirmations

Use one of these general SMS opt-in text message examples to get a double opt-in from customers for non-marketing and non-HIPAA use cases.

  • [Business name] would like to text you about [topic]. To consent, reply YES.
  • [Business name]: Reply YES to subscribe to recurring texts about [use case].
  • Ready to get texts about [topic] from [business name]? Reply YES to get started.
  • [Business name] wants to text you about [topic]. Reply YES to accept or STOP at any time to unsubscribe.
  • Hey [name]! This is [name] from [business]. You filled out an online form requesting more info and said we could text you. Is that still OK?
  • You’ve reached [business name]’s text line. To continue the conversation, reply YES.

A general double opt-in text from a leasing office.

Marketing confirmations

Use one of these double opt-in text messages to confirm customers want to subscribe to your SMS marketing program.

  • [Business name] wants to text you coupons, sales, and marketing promotions. Up to [X] messages per month. To consent, reply YES. 
  • [Business name]: Reply YES to subscribe to recurring automated marketing alerts from [business name]. Msg & data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help or STOP to opt out.
  • You’re subscribed! You’ll be the first to know about new product drops. To confirm you want to get [X number] of marketing alerts monthly from business, reply YES.
  • [Business name]: Thanks for filling out our online form! Reply YES to confirm you want to get recurring marketing texts from [business name] and secure your [X%] off coupon.
  • Reply YES to confirm you want to receive recurring automated marketing texts from [business name]. 

A double opt-in text from Outdoor Voices.

Thank you confirmations

Use one of these opt-in text message examples to thank customers for their interest in your text program and secure that double opt-in for protection.

  • Thank you for texting [business name]! Reply Y to continue texting. Message & data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help or reply STOP to opt-out. Message frequency may vary.
  • Thanks for contacting [business name]! Please reply YES to consent to sending and receiving text messages from us about [topic].
  • [Business name]: Thanks for signing up for texts! To confirm you want to get texts about [topic] from [business name], reply YES.
  • Thanks for signing up for recurring [use case] texts online! Reply YES to confirm your subscription.
  • Thanks for signing up for [use case] texts from [company]. You may receive up to [X] messages per [duration]. Reply YES to subscribe.

HIPAA-compliant confirmations

For texting to be HIPAA-compliant, covered entities must share with patients that text messaging isn’t fully secure. Use one of these messages to properly collect double opt-in consent when you’re a HIPAA-covered entity.

  • [Company] complies with HIPAA and wants to exchange text messages with you. Text messaging may not be entirely secure. To consent, reply YES.
  • [Company] wants to exchange text messages with you to communicate important updates. Text messaging may not be entirely secure. To consent, reply YES.

A HIPAA-compliant double opt-in text example from Urban Dental.

Confirmation text after a verbal opt-in

Use one of these opt-in text message examples to confirm consent after you get a verbal opt-in.

  • Hey! This is [name] from [business]. We just spoke on the phone and you said we could text you. Is it still OK to contact you via text? 
  • Thanks for your interest in getting text updates about [topic] from [business]. Reply YES to confirm your choice.

<h2 id="Single">5 customizable single opt-in text message templates</h2>

In some cases, businesses don’t need that double consent from contacts. In these scenarios, a customer has already consented verbally, via a form, or QR code. 

Here are a few single SMS opt-in text messages you can send in these instances.

  • [Company]: Welcome! Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. View terms and privacy policy: [link]. 
  • [Company]. You’re in! You’ll now receive updates from [company] about [topic]. Reply HELP for help and STOP to opt-out. Msg & data rates may apply. Privacy [link]
  • [Company]. Thanks for subscribing! You’ll now get [X] texts per month from [business name] about [topic]. Reply STOP at any time. 
  • [Company]: Thanks for signing up for [use case] texts! Text HELP for help; STOP to opt out. Msg & data rates may apply; frequency varies.
  • [Company] will now send you updates about [topic]. Reply STOP or HELP at any time. Msg & data rates may apply; frequency varies.

A single opt-in text message from United Airlines.

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