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10 rock-solid SMS opt-in message examples

Fatima Puri
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You might have heard the saying, “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission,” but in the case of SMS opt-ins, it’s necessary to ask for permission so you won’t be sorry later. 

To make it easier for your business to ask for permission to text your customers, we compiled a list of 10 SMS opt-in examples for you to use. 

But before we dive into the examples, let’s discuss what an SMS opt-in is and why they’re essential for any business looking to text their customers.

What are SMS opt-ins?

An SMS opt-in is a way for your customers to express written consent that you can contact them. Opt-ins are essential to the success of your business; 46 percent of customers say they would opt-in for texts from e-commerce or retail businesses. There are specific regulations around why and how you can reach people who have opted-in. For one, you must receive an opt-in for each communication channel separately, i.e., you cannot ask customers for consent to text them and then use that same SMS consent to email them.

There are also different opt-ins (like a single opt-in, double opt-in, HIPAA, etc.) and ways to acquire permission, which we will cover in this article, and various ways to use SMS to get an opt-in. At least 78 percent of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business, but an opt-in is a confirmation that your customers want you to text them.

Phone with a check mark and 78 percent
At least 78 percent of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business

Why are SMS opt-ins essential?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, commonly known as the TCPA, has set regulations on the types of texts a business can send in the United States. According to the TCPA, a company must acquire a customer’s contact information personally, and they cannot buy a list of numbers to cold text. Failure to comply with TCPA opt-in regulations can result in a fine of at least $500, and you also run the risk of damaging your business’s reputation with customers. 

So, not only are SMS opt-ins required by the law, but they’re a measure of good business ethics.

SMS opt-in message examples

We briefly covered what an SMS opt-in is, so now we’ll look at how your business can acquire an SMS opt-in. One way to get a direct opt-in is via text before starting a text conversation. Here are eight examples of SMS opt-in text messages, categorized by use case.

Customer support opt-in text message examples

1. A customer texts into your business first, which is a form of SMS opt-in.

Hi, there! Thanks for contacting Artificial Florals. For your requirements, the Isadora vase is a popular choice: 

2. A company confirms that a customer wants to text with them. This example is considered a double opt-in.

Will you guys be getting the TikTok lemon dress back in stock?

Thanks for contacting Haus of Gigi! Please reply YES to consent to sending and receiving text messages with us.


3. A company can use a verbal confirmation over the phone or in-person as consent to text a customer.

Hiya, Darcey! It’s Leah from Vintage Dresses. =) As I mentioned on the phone, please text me here for any styling advice or help. 

4. A company asks a customer to opt-in to text with their support team regarding an order issue. 

The Standard would like to text you regarding an issue with your recent order. Please respond YES to continue a text conversation.

Sales and marketing opt-in text message examples

5. A salesperson confirms an SMS opt-in from an online lead form fill. This example is considered a double opt-in since the company is confirming twice that they could text this number (once via a lead form and again in a text message.)

Hey, Gary! It’s Steven from Valley Pest Control. You filled out an online form requesting more info and said that we could text you. Is it still ok to contact you here?

6. A business asks a customer to opt-in to receive marketing and promotional text messages with a clearly stated consent form.

The Pearl would like to text you coupon codes, sale alerts, and marketing promotions. Carrier rates may apply. To consent, please reply YES.

Textline users can use our Pro Contact Consent form to set up consent text messages. You can learn more about our Pro Contact Consent here.

Logistics and operations opt-in text message examples

7. A customer opts in to receive order updates via text through an online consent.

Thanks for signing up for order updates for TX Pizza! You may receive up to 4 msgs/order.

Your order #121 at TX Pizza is now ready. Please come inside to collect the order or reply to this text for curbside pickup.

8. A customer opts in to receive receipts from a company via text.

Hi, Osuji, thanks for your purchase of $126.75 from Daisy Dukes! We’ll notify you when it ships. View order #4506: 

Medical business opt-in text message examples (HIPAA)

9. An example of a HIPAA opt-in message

North Texas Medical Clinic complies with HIPAA and wants to exchange text messages with you. Text messaging may not be entirely secure. To consent, reply YES.

10. A medical business confirms a patient’s opt-in to ensure they are complying with HIPAA regulations.

Hi, can I schedule an appointment for a cleaning?

Roseville Dental complies with HIPAA and wants to exchange text messages with you. Text messaging may not be fully secure. To consent, reply YES.

SMS opt-in best practices

If you want to formulate your SMS opt-in message from scratch, then here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Be concise
  • Use proper grammar
  • Offer a clear opt-out
  • Let customers know that data rates may apply
  • Tell customers what they’re consenting to (i.e., marketing messages, updates, etc.)

Still have questions about opt-ins? You can learn more in our article “Business SMS opt-ins: What they are and when you need to use them.”

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